Yoga for Peace (Yoga por la Paz) in Marbella

On Friday October 20, the second Yoga for Peace (Yoga por la Paz) event took place in Marbella’s Parque de la Constitución. was of course there to bring you news and images.

Marbella was recently added to the yoga circuit that already included cities like New York, Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Madrid and a number of others. This initiative is promoted by Encuentros Culturales with the collaboration of Marbella’s delegation of tourism. Its aim is to channel the balance and inner peace of each individual through the collective practice of asanas and meditation to raise it to the collective consciousness.

At this event, yoga experts including Maribel Rincón, Gisela Henao, Nuria Codes, Fermín Suárez and Javier Castro participated and offered a two hour master class followed by a half hour of meditation.

It was great to see so many people taking part with about eighty people joining the yoga masters in this very tranquil setting among the park’s trees and flowers.

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