Where to eat tapas in Marbella

Tapas is, as you would expect, extremely popular in Marbella and throughout Spain. Here, we point you in the direction of some of the places in central Marbella where you can get good tapas.

And you will of course find plenty more great places to eat tapas in our Restaurant Guide. Our map shows all the restaurants listed.

If you are not familiar with this type of food:

Tapas is a small individual portion and it can be hot or cold..
A ración is a larger portion and it is ideal for sharing.
Don’t be tempted to order too much. You can always order more later.
A pincho is an individual tapas, usually with a stick. Your bill will then be based on the number of sticks.

There is nothing quite like enjoying a cool glass of beer, wine or sangria and taking advantage of the Mediterranean diet. Tapas can be light or filling and it can be enjoyed in the summer or in the winter.

Plaza Altamirano 3, 29601 Marbella Tel. +34 952 824 932


In the heart of the Old Town of Marbella in a square of the same name. The Bourganville here is just amazing and adds to the atmosphere. Taste the freshest fish and seafood in Marbella, direct from the Fishing port (la Bajadilla) to your plate in a matter of hours. They personally select each of the pieces. They like to elaborate on dishes from the recipes that their grandmothers used, with the best raw materials and always respecting the essence of the fish. Their fish and seafood are wild, seasonal and treated carefully so as not to mask its authentic flavor. Here you will not find sophisticated dishes, but the freshest, quality and taste of the sea.

Calle Virgen de los Dolores 4, 29601 Marbella Tel. +34 952 867 701

El Patio de Mariscal

El Patio de Mariscal is located in the Old Town of Marbella and has a traditional Andalusian courtyard that is over 200 years old. It offers an extensive menu also offering vegetarian and children’s menus. Try the fresh salads and refreshing seafood cocktail, followed by some prawns with garlic and chili, or a portion of stuffed tiger mussels. Make sure you try the traditional Andalusian gazpacho or fritura malagueña a selection of fried fish and seafood.

Calle de San Lázaro 12, 29601 Marbella Tel. +34 952 770 004

El Estrecho

The oldest tapas bar in Marbella since 1954 in one of the narrowest streets. You are guarenteed the best quality food, and always good service. You will love the mediterranean tapas here. Classic salads freshly made with local ingredients. Slow braised pork, homemade croquettes along with Jamon, and many more tried and tested dishes. The menu is varied with a good selection of meat, fish, seafood and vegetable dishes. Our favourites are Fried sardines in lemon batter and meatballs.

Avenida. Duque de Ahumada 13, 29602 Marbella Tel. +34 952 772 408

La Bodega del Mar

Located on the paseo right on the sea-front, La Bodega del Mar is the perfect place to spend a relaxing and chilled-out moment in Marbella. From breakfast till late at night, you will enjoy the best dishes and drinks in a nice friendly atmosphere over-looking the mediterranean sea. Classic tapas, fantastic “tostas”, fabulous main dishes and “classy snack’n chic” are served all day by their friendly multi-cultural staff. Their mission is quite simple, make you feel happy.

Edif. Parque Marbella, Alonso de Bazan, 29600 Marbella Tel. +34 952 865 232

La Fria

A very popular tapas restaurant always busy with a great atmosphere and loved by locals. They give the option of ordering half portions and tapas, so you can try many things. Fresh fish and seafood, delicious Iberico ham , octopus a la gallega, puntillitas, rice with lobster … A very wide menu, options for all tastes.

Avenida la Fontanilla, 29601 Marbella Tel. +34 952 865 543

La Venencia

On of the most popular and traditional restaurants in Marbella since 1985. Great service and again enjoyed by the locals all year round. Specializing in fish, meat and traditional dishes of Spain and Andalusian cuisine. Also carrying a good selection of wines and beers. All products are top quality and fresh. A cozy inside to enjoy during the winter and terrace and bar for the summer months.

Avenida Duque de Ahumada 16, 29602 Marbella Tel. +34 900 102 869


In many places in Spain since 1988 they are well known for their quality and inventive food. Pinchos are a little different from normal tapas restaurants. You can select a selection of cold individual tapas from the cold counter, while waiting to hear the bell ring. Signalling delicious hot tapas on its way. You choose exactly what you would like. They just keep coming out. Simply save the sticks and you are charged accordingly. So enjoy as much or as little as you like.

Calle Camilo José Cela 12, 29602 Marbella Tel. +34 952 765 304


Taberna Matahambre is located one line back from the paseo in Marbella. Gazpacho, fried aubergine and cane syrup. Iberian loin in oil and padrón peppers, curried shrimp with vegetable couscous and crispy roasted suckling pig with pear compote are just some of the authentic flavours this restaurant specialises in. Here tapas is a selection from all over the world. The range of mini crepes with chocolate, strawberry, orange and apple is a highlight of the home-made pastry offerings.

Matahambre Marbella, Calle Camilo José Cela, Marbella, Spain

Lizarran, Avenida Duque de Ahumada, Marbella, Spain

Bar Altamirano, Calle Mendoza, Marbella, Spain

El patio de Mariscal, Calle Virgen de los Dolores, Marbella, Spain

El Estrecho, Calle San Lázaro, Marbella, Spain

La Bodega del Mar, Avenida Duque de Ahumada, Marbella, Spain

Cervecería La + Fría Marbella, Calle Alonso de Bazán, Marbella, Spain

Restaurante la Venencia 2, Avenida Fontanilla, Marbella, Spain

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