Where to eat out in Marbella

MarbellaAzul.com’s comprehensive Restaurant Guide will help you to find a restaurant, tapas bar or beach bar (chiringito) based on the area of Marbella you are interested in, the type of cuisine you are looking for and your price range.

There are several guides for places to eat in Marbella, so why use ours?

With MarbellaAzul.com’s restaurant guide, you can refine your search and obtain a list of restaurants, tapas bars or beach bars that meet your required criteria. You can select by:

  • Location:
  • Type:
  • Cuisine
  • Price Range

We have spent a great deal of time and effort on our search algorithm to ensure it works for your benefit.

When you have selected your required criteria and clicked “Search”, you will be presented with a list in alphabetical order of the Marbella restaurants that meet that criteria. The listing will show you the name of the restaurant, the address, the telephone number, the type of cuisine and the price range. To find out more, click on “READ MORE”. You will then get more information and a map.

What more can the guide offer you?

There are literally hundreds of restaurants in the Marbella area. But, what if you are looking for entertainment while you eat. Well, we have that covered too. You can click the link on the restaurant page or Click here to find restaurants offering entertainment.

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