“Urban Beauty” at Kasser Rassu Marbella

The Kasser Rassu Gallery in Marbella is currently showing Kathrina Rupit’s “Urban Beauty” exhibition in association with Benezra Art Investment. Kathrina Rupit is originally from Mexico. but after a period of travelling, she established herself in Dublin, Ireland.

Her inspiration is in part from her Mexican roots and parts of her daily life. She combines this with a perception of current issues which she presents through the female figure. She is an amazing street artist, using various mediums that allow a symbiotic dance between urban and culture. This is apparent, not just with the choice of mediums but in the explosion of colours.

Kathrina uses spray paints, urban markers and recyclables such as cardboard, door parts and popsicle sticks. She loves to add newspaper as a backdrop.

We enjoyed viewing her work. The vibrancy and colours leap out of her paintings. We have provided some examples below:

Urban Beauty at Kasser Rassu 011

Urban Beauty at Kasser Rassu 018

Urban Beauty at Kasser Rassu 020

Urban Beauty at Kasser Rassu 028

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