Triple A’s Black Pet Day

Sunday April 22 was dedicated to “black pets” at Triple A’s animal shelter here in Marbella. Why black pets? Well, due to a number of superstitions, black animals generally spend more time in the shelter before they find a “forever home”. was of course there to bring you news of this fantastic day and some great images.

This year’s Triple A open doors day paid tribute to all the black cats and dogs at the Marbella animal rescue shelter, giving everyone an opportunity to see just how special these beautiful animals are.

The sun was shining and the market, the bar and the snacks area were all attracting good support. Lily van Tongeren, a long time Triple A volunteer, met with me as we made our way to the “cat zone” and told me “Black cats are still more difficult to place than all the other colours. We have about 65 black cats and about 50 black dogs at Triple A at the moment. But luckily, we have 45 cats going to Germany for adoption at the end of next week, many of which are black, and they will all have homes there.”

When we arrived at the “cat zone”, it was quite amazing and a testiment to the volunteers and staff that with so many cats, there was little or no smell. They all have beds and there is a comfortable indoor area with a flap on the outside allowing them to run, climb and play. All of the black cats I met here were so friendly and beautiful in nature. Their coats were all shiny and they had the most beautiful eyes.

A black cat at Triple A looking for a home

A black cat at Triple A looking for a home

Monique, who looks after the cats, told me “When we receive kitten litters, usually more than half of them are black. Most people don’t take the black ones. They usually want the tabbies, the three coloured, the greys or the black and white cats – all because of superstition. They don’t appreciate that black cats have the nicest natures of all. Black cats are not unlucky. No animal is unlucky.”

A beautiful black cat at Triple A looking for a home

We were then entertained by the Hip Hop Dance Troupe – a group of youngsters who were fantastic. They had the crowd cheering at their acrobatics. 

The Hip Hop Dance Troupe at Triple A

One of the Hip Hop Dance Troupe at Triple A

I then met up with Triple A’s Jan Weima who said “Unfortunatey, the dog situation is bad with many of the dogs bought here by Sanidad. The black dogs are more of a problem for adoption because people believe they bring bad luck. For example, we never lety black cats to be adopted at Halloween. Black dogs usually stay with us too long. One in particular has been here for 4 years – just because he is black.”

Can I adopt this beautiful black puppy?

Just before the “Black Dog show”, I met Carlos Alcalá Belón, the Sanidad councillor responsible for Triple A. Triple A need more help from the Marbella Town Hall and must get more involved. Triple A does a great service for Marbella. Just remember what the situation was like 30 years ago, before Triple A was here.

Carlos Alcalá Belón & Triple A's Jan Weima

I found the “Black Dog show” a little sentimental. All the dogs were so loving and friendly, interacting with the visitors. Please help to spread the word about black dogs and cats. They are not unlucky. They are just looking for their “forever home”.

Lily van Tongeren with two black puppies looking for a home

Two black dogs at Triple A looking for a home

A black dog at Triple A looking for a home

If you go to the Triple A website, you will see details of all the animals currently waiting to be adopted. This was a great day and, with Triple A about to celebrate their 27th Anniversary, we wish them the best of luck and hope that you will get involved to ensure that they keep giving us this much needed service here in Marbella.

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