Top 5 Best Holiday Destinations in Europe

Top 5 Best Holiday Destinations in Europe

Choosing a particular holiday destination is the second most difficult decision ever, the first one being what to wear on the said trip. Europe is a big continent with some of the most visually stunning countries and luxurious places that offer you great opportunities to explore natural marvels and learn about historical structures. Here is a list which could possibly help you a little in deciding the best holiday destinations you can plan your next trip to.

Positano, Italy

The stunning Amalfi coast is set against a beautiful backdrop of colors. This little village town on the famous Amalfi coast in Campania, Italy, harbours breathtaking Mediterranean coves, quaint fishing villages and a rather laidback way of life which you can experience when you visit it. Taste the fresh seafood and earthy wines at the town’s countless romantic restaurants. There is no way you can miss out on this beautiful location. Be sure to inquire about everything that you can and then plan your next holiday exploring this location. It would be advised to at least plan a holiday of about 3 days to thoroughly explore this place. 

Goriska Brda Wine Region, Slovenia

Tucked between Croatia and Italy, Slovenia with its turquoise waters, snow capped peaks and the famous Lake Bled is a not so popular tourist destination. Especially the wine region in Goriska Brda, between the Adriatic Sea and the stunning peaks of the Southern Alps, is an undiscovered region owing to its mystical presence. Also called the ‘Tuscany of Slovenia’ Goriska Brda Wine region is so far removed from active human intervention that the whole experience gets elevated from a normal holiday to a detox retreat. You can go on long walks along the rolling hillsides, savour wines and dishes made out of local produce and gawk at the spectacular scenic views. 

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Plan your next vacation to the magical isolated islands of Scotland. Tour the stunning Isle of Skye alone or with friends while swimming in waterfalls, exploring old castles, gazing at stunning sunsets and tasting local whiskey. Whether you visit for a day or two or more, this island offers you an enchanting touring experience with its dramatic coastline and rich history. The place has almost everything to offer you, what you need to bring along is a sense of adventure and passion. 

Melides, Portugal

Explore the tiny villages of Portugal for a quiet reverie with nature. Roam this lowkey hillside town top to bottom and discover untouched and unspoiled corners while bringing out your inner explorer. The atmosphere around this area is quiet, friendly and very pleasant. While strolling through the alley’s of these villages you will come across old landmarks from the 18th and 19th centuries made out of wood and iron which will tell you a lot about the history of the place. When you get a chance to explore a reclusive area like this as opposed to a location which has millions of other tourists milling about, this comes out as the winner. It might be a little difficult to get in touch with the outside world so make sure you order your favorite snacks and your preferred sweet healthy treats like delta-8 gummies online, beforehand. Also, walking on foot may get a little tiring for you but nothing that a good CBD oil can’t help treat, right?

El Hierro, The Canary Islands

Go to the not very well known Canary Islands for your next trip. Enjoy the beautiful sun blasted Spanish chains with luscious landscapes while also exploring the smaller more characterful spots. Instead of always making your way to the old and busy Gran Canaria or any magnanimous structures, you can go to El Hierro, the smallest island of the Canary Islands. Here, you can engage in diving and other such available water sports activities. Also, make sure to see the stunning underwater landscapes.

Final Thoughts

I have only listed 5 holiday destinations in Europe but it is part of a much longer, inexhaustible list of locations waiting to be explored. There is no dearth of a good holiday destination for a true holiday enthusiast. You just need to connect the right dots and find your perfect destination. To know about places you can stay at, you can consult online blogs of people talking about their experiences of staying in Airbnbs