The Science Behind Couch Lock & Cannabis

Probably the biggest nuisances a cannabis user can come across is a couch lock. This cannabis slang term refers to anytime a person falls into a feeling of intense physical sedation because of the consumption of marijuana. 

 If you just got your medical marijuana card and are about to get your first dose of cannabis or someone who is a seasoned user of cannabis; today we will be talking all about the infamous couch lock situation you might find yourself in.

What Is Couch Lock?

You will know when it hits you. First, you will feel this warm, fuzzy, kind of tingling feeling going through you. This will slowly turn into a sloppy pile of bones on a couch or bed. At this point you will know, a meteor could be heading your way, you will not be able to move. So forget any decorating or cleaning that you need to do for your guests.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to portray it in evil, sinister light. Some people love the feeling, but most don’t. Short of someone who has insomnia, it is difficult to see how anyone can enjoy a vegetable like condition but with racing thoughts. This condition is quite a paradox for the body and mind to figure out.

Causes Of Couch Lock

Cannabis users will always make sure that you are warned about Indica strains. These strains are highly effective for users who are victims of sleepless nights for others. However, it is an extremely personal choice as to how they interpret the effects. You can always find someone warning you about getting addicted to Netflix and food trends.

get access to cannabis with a medical marijuana card.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in absolute terms that I can tell you about what causes the couch lock. There are a lot of assumptions with anecdotal references that should work just about right. So, we will be talking about that mixed with a bit of science. 

Two kinds of cannabis strains occur naturally-  Indica and Sativa. They have similar characteristics in very different proportions. The genetics of India are usually blamed for the effects of a couch-lock. But, there are certain Sativa strains as well, which are just as likely to throw you off your feet. So, this isn’t really a reliable indicator.

As terpenes have come into the limelight with increased research, our next possible culprit has also come out. The terpene “myrcene.” This terpene has proven sedative qualities. It is additionally present in hops, lemongrass, and thyme. In some strains, it appears in high concentrations, and those are the ones that are capable of giving you a couch lock. 

This did seem extremely likely until research surfaced that high myrcene levels are present in Sativa strains as well. Plus, these strains don’t seem to be causing any couch-lock effects at all. So, that theory did not work out either.

The truth is there just isn’t enough proper solid research identifying the root causes of a couch-lock. Almost all research carried out has remained inconclusive. The only advice I can give you if you want to stay away from this effect is that stay away from known couch lock strains.

Why Is Couch Lock Such An Inconsistent Effect

Chances are you are most likely to experience couch lock when you have just consumed a little too much cannabis. But then there are also chances that you might come across a batch of marijuana that causes this issue even if you consume a minimal amount.

This happens because the chemical profile of every plant of cannabis is different. Even if you consistently smoke the same strain over and over again, you will notice slight variations in the taste, appearance, smell, and the effects as well. All this within the same strains but different batches. This variation occurs due to the genetics of every individual plant.

How To Get Over Couch Lock

Now that we know what couch lock is and well, that’s about it. We just know what it is and not how or why it happens. But there are some tips you can use to get out of a couch-lock if you ever really want to.


Sugar is an excellent mechanism for a quick burst of energy. Try drinking a soda or eating a snack bar to kick start your system by increasing your blood glucose levels.


This is great as an early morning energy booster, and then it even doubles as an equally amazing energy booster. So try a strong cup of coffee/black tea or a caffeinated soft drink to see if it’ll help you move around.


What could be better to counteract the effects of THC than its partner CBD? Most people get couch-locked when they’re a little too stoned, so CBD helps in reducing the impact of the psychoactive effects of THC by blocking CB1 receptors.

These things will be able to help you move off the couch in most circumstances. Though I’m still a big propagator of riding it out, the choice is yours. There are several benefits to maintaining a decent sleep orderI will like to remind you, however, that the effects will eventually pass, and you’ll be back to normal in no time.