The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week 8)

First I have to say a big Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter Sav, I can’t believe she is actually 18 and I managed to look after her and get her to adulthood – well done me!

After many years of pleading with us to go out or stay at a friends for the night, now for some reason she really hates it when we say to her,” it’s up to you, you are over 18 now”. She gives us this look of ‘well aren’t you going to ask me where I am or what I’m doing’ and after a pregnant pause tells us exactly what she is about to do even if its driving down to the shops!

The last three weeks have been so busy here, I could hardly think. What do you do when your 19yr old Australian nephew and six of his mates come to stay for a week?

  • No 1. Make sure there is a ridiculous amount of alcohol in the house.
  • No2. Make sure there is a ridiculous amount of food in the house.
  • No3. Apologise profusely about the noise to the Airbnb guests who have arrived for a quiet break to see their daughter.
  • And lastly take the attitude that if all else fails, join in and have a really fun time!

I tell you Master Chef had nothing on us that week, Mum and I were like Delia Smith catapulted into Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen but I have to say they were the most appreciative and delightful people I could ever have met. The catchphrase, “Thank you so much” in Australian lingo will stick in my mind forever! On the last day we made the most of the last summer sun and headed off to Tarifa again. After sunbathing for an hour or so, I sent them off in search of blue mud – it wasn’t until later on that they told me about their scepticism of my suggestion and presumed I was just winding them up until they met other blue people returning form the mud rock. (The photo doesn’t do justice to the blue!)

Good luck with the rest of your Europe trip guys and Laura!! X


I must again thank my Airbnb guests for being very patient and putting up with a few rowdy nights whilst they were here! Actually, this summer has been very interesting hosting numerous people from all over the world and whilst I hope most of my guests have enjoyed their stay, there is one thing that I am perplexed about. The odd towel left behind or a pair of knickers is understandable but please could the guest that forgot their false teeth, come forward.


You can always tell when Autumn is setting in here on the coast. The darker evenings are one giveaway but the biggest inclusion into any household are the patter of eight feet or the addition of a creature better known as the “exorcist” or in my view the perfect example – a praying mantis.


Whilst spiders scare me and especially Hilton who realised this morning that he had shared his bed with a 6cm Brown Recluse spider; the female Praying Mantis, although slightly eerie to look at with a long green body and twisty head has a great philosophy on life. Eat your male partner after mating or even better, decapitate them during the process – well it would save on all the sweet talk afterwards!

Anyway with that thought and Halloween coming in a few weeks I shall leave you until next time.

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