The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week 7)

Welcome back to my blog after a very long summer break! I have so much to tell you all that I’m almost bursting at the seams; including- another trip to the animal rescue centre in Castellar, a hypnotic experience in Sotogrande and living with a grumpy husband!

Summer in our house is always chaotic, Chris works late, comes home like a tyrant, so I quickly supply him with enough wine and food to fall asleep. Meanwhile the kids think I’m their personal chauffeur/maid and my new Airbnb hosting seems to throw a few strangers into the already chaotic house mix. I have learnt with Chris though that supplying a good bottle of wine does dividends for any money required or internet purchase I’ve had my eye on. He’s so much nicer when he’s had a few glasses and the credit card slips out of his pocket a lot easier!

So when I got a break from guests for the day, I escaped from Marbella and went to visit the zoo in Castellar *** again (although I hate to call it a zoo, as it is really an animal rescue centre). I had heard that they were looking after a young panther so I wanted to go and see it for myself. Panthers are one of my favourite creatures, even though they do tend to kill for a living but I just think they are so beautiful.

Arriving as soon as the zoo opened turned out to be a good decision as we were the only visitors in the park for most of our time there. We began interacting with the more gentile creatures, sheep, llamas, ducks and goats. Well you know what they say, “there’s nothing like a few goats and a llama to get you in the petting mood!”



And so it did- we went from cage to cage interacting with all the animals -Lynx’s, pigs, even the friendly bird cage, although I am terrified of birds (I should never have watched the film when I was about 7!) Next we went to see two creatures very close to my heart, the baby monkey that I saw when he was one month old and the young tiger that I was cuddling and playing with as a three-month old cub.



He is all grown up now and lives in a separate pen as they can’t set him loose in the wild which is sad, but he still seemed happy and playful. By 11.30, more people started arriving and having been told that at 12pm they let the panther out on his lead, we raced back to be the first ones in the queue. Apparently he is not a very patient creature and will only put up with a short time on the lead.


We did get up close and personal with him – well ish! I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful animal, playful but powerful, cute but boisterous. Definitely a force not to be reckoned with. All in all, it was a fabulous day out and well worth the drive, which is only about 40 minutes from San Pedro.

Talking of forces and minds, hypnotism is an art I have always been slightly sceptical about until I had the delight of witnessing a hypnotist at work when I was invited to a corporate event at the San Roque club.

Can someone possibly control what you do and determine how you do it? According to what I saw, yes they can. Three grown men pirouetting to the music of Swan Lake, getting all sexy over an imaginary magazine and seeking out “baddies” when the James bond theme music was played! This is an act not to be missed and luckily Stuart lives on the coast, so for anybody as fascinated by the power of the mind as I am, I will leave his contact details Stuart Ashing – 952 49 00 03. If only I could get into Chris’s mind and alter a few things!

Anyway see you next week with Marbella news, the run up to Savannah’s 18th, an insight into my Airbnb hosting and more attempts at my fitness quest in time for Christmas.

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**** N.B. Since writing this blog, I have read some negative press on Facebook about the animal sanctuary in Castellar.

I can only say that from my own experience of the centre the day I visited, the animals appeared in excellent health both physically and mentally. I observed and spoke with three monitors, all of whom were very loving and attentive to the animals in their care. I do not condone any sort of animal cruelty and would never visit any centre where the animals are being subjected to any sort of abuse.

Please learn to read articles that appear on Facebook with a pinch of salt. If any cruelty was occurring within the centre, the authorities would not let the zoo remain open and there would have been an official investigation.

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