The return of the Marbelli (Year 2/Week 11)

Brighton!! Do you ever get that excited tingling feeling when you’re about to go on holiday or open the birthday present you have been longing for? Well that’s the feeling I got when I arrived in Brighton.

Maybe it was the relief after a ‘stiff’ meeting with Savannah’s teachers, or the fact that seeing the sea and narrow bustling streets reminded me of Marbella. But, either way, I have fallen in love with the place. In fact, so much so that I’m officially going to call it my “English Marbella”.

The beaches leave a little to be desired. In fact, never again will I moan about the beaches here in Marbella!

I did find it quite amusing though, watching some obviously northern tourists fighting with the sharp pebbles to perch collapsible beach chairs as close as possible to the sea to take in the southern sun – thermos at the ready!

I presume they knew the temperature was ranging between -2 and 0 but, if you have ever lived in the north, if there is no rain or snow it’s beach weather!

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages visiting Brighton at the weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to board the new BA i360 (pictured below) or eat rock on the pier listening to Trump’s inauguration. But at least I didn’t get vertigo and I still have my teeth intact!

The i360 vertical cable car is the new innovation from the same architects who designed the London Eye. The glass viewing pod which is supported on a large pole (that’s what I call it) gently glides visitors up to 138 metres for a spectacular 360 degree view of Brighton and the surrounding countryside.

This is where my vertigo came in. And not even the tempting consolation of a glass of bubbly got me up there. One glass, not a chance – a bottle and maybe we were talking!

So, after a lovely few days with Savannah and friends, I headed back to Marbella just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Chris is definitely not the romantic type. In fact, the flowers stopped after the fifth bunch of carnations arrived at the door. I had to gently point out that carnations were generally bought for funerals and I was still quite happily alive!

Yes, thinking about it, romanticism is not his forte. Sometimes, I am naughty though. I make him hold my hand and watch how awkward he looks as we are walking down the street. You see, generally, Chris doesn’t amble with hands tenderly entwined like most couples do. He strides like a sergeant major with me trotting behind like a welsh mountain pony trying to keep up.

Consequently, I wasn’t holding much hope for Valentines. But I always think in the back of my head that one day he might surprise me. I’m obviously going to have to hold that thought for another year as we did … absolutely nothing. Not even a pizza takeaway! I’ve now joined Tinder.

I have to go. Tonight is Oscar night in Los Angeles and, although I generally only watch the highlights, I feel that tonight is going to be quite special.

We have the big winner this year with the most nominations since Titanic – La La Land – a title which reminds me so much of my son when I ask him about his financial situation. The Award speeches look promising too, don’t you just love a bit of banter between the whole acting fraternity and their beloved game show host (oops I mean President?!).

Anyway, see you next week. If you enjoyed this post, please can you recommend it to your friends and share it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you all for sharing and supporting me.

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