The return of the Marbelli ( Year 2/Week 10)

Looking back on Christmas and New year, it didn’t go quite as planned! Having spent months planning Christmas, even writing a handwritten list (unusual but true!) everything appeared to be so organised:

1. Order a big 6 kilo turkey so I don’t have to cook for a week after Christmas.
2. Buy all the presents before the Christmas rush and remember Black Friday sales.
3. Decorate tree and make it better than last year (which, looking back wasn’t a good look!).
4. Remove clutter from unused dining room and lay a beautiful festive table for the only time we use it.
5. Make sure everything is done before children arrive home.
6. Buy food for Santa – .
7. Reiterate to children (25, 22, 18 and 12yrs) that Santa does exist, gently reminding them that non-believers don’t get stocking presents.
8. Remember to pick up ordered turkey on 22nd December.
9. Write another list nearer the time to check I’ve remembered things needed to do on this list, but DON’T THROW AWAY this list in case I’ve forgotten to write something down on the new list that’s on this list.

It all sounded so easy! That was until my maid decided to leave me just as the children arrived home!

Cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry for four children (who decided to bring all their washing home) and general Christmas chaos has tested my patience, cooking skills and ability not to go insane! Somehow we muscled through, a few family meetings on tidiness but at least I feel like I’ve lost a few pounds!

Our Christmas family photo summed it all up!

Now on to my New Years resolutions –  Again I looked back at last year to see how well I had done:

1. Forget cheese balls, if desperate go to Hypnotherapy.
2. Two litres of water a day with no sneaky alcohol
3. Take up Yoga and learn new motto – ‘my body is my temple not a run down shack’!
4. Only eat dark chocolate – milk chocolate must be a thing of the past.
5. Vodka, wine, baileys and cava only once a week and on Special occasions.
6. Eat the healthy cooking!
7. More adventures with Nahla and train her to enter competitions.
8. Facials and pampering are a must at least once a month.
9. Find another hill to run up
10. Threaten divorce over family holiday.
11. If point 10 fails – go on girlie holiday with alimony!

Actually I’m quite pleased with myself; I achieved points 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, unfortunately I chickened out on the divorce but it’s just cost him more in facials and pampering!!

This year I only have one resolution, don’t give up the things I love; cheese balls, baileys and chocolate come back – all is forgotten! Oh and get a cleaner that will NEVER leave!

This week is the annual parents meeting at Stowe. Luckily Chris doesn’t enjoy the one to ones with sensible people so I’ve been chosen to fly over and do my parental bit.

I’m sure it will be the usual, “Savannah must study more and spend less time on her phone!” I hear it every year, spend 30 minutes in the car giving her the lowdown on what it will be like working in Mcdonalds when she fails her exams and then we have a lovely few days together!

This weekend we have decided to spend our time in Brighton. I have never been there and heard everyone rave about how wonderful it is, so I am looking forward to sitting on the pier whilst watching Trump’s inauguration into office as I chip my tooth on Brighton Rock!

Anyway Happy New Year to everyone and see you all in the next blog.

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