Marbella Global Gift Gala 2018

Here, we bring you news and information about the annual Marbella Global Gift Gala. As always, will be there with interviews and images of this great event.

Global Gift Gala 2018 News & Interviews

The seventh edition of the Marbella Global Gift Gala was held at the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe on Sunday 29 July and was this year presented by Lorena Bernal and Enjy Kiwan.

Music always seems to connect and reinforce the desire to continue working for the needy. To this end, this year featured actor/singer Gary Dourdan (star of the TV programme CSI), Marbella’s own Descemer Bueno, singer/songwriter James Arthur from the UK and Niña Pastori who left everyone breathless.

Singer Luis Fonsi, who attended the gala with his wife Agueda Lopez, received this year’s Global Gift Philanthropist Award for his tireless humanitarian work to save the lives of children with cancer and the reconstruction of his native Puerto Rico.

One of the most emotional moments was when Maria Bravo and Chenoa called Niña Pastori onto the stage to join Luis Fonsi to give the young singer Adrian Martin Vega the Global Gift Inspiration Award in recognition of his talent and positivity which was an inspiration for all.

The Gala commenced with a tasting menu from the evening’s four chefs – Victor Carracedo (the executive chef of the Gran Meliá Don Pepe), Michelin star chef Paolo Casagrande (chef at the Lasarte restaurant), Mauricio Giovanini (from Marbella Michelin Star restaurant Messina) and José Carlos Fuentes (from Club Allard).

The red carpet event was attended by many celebreties all there to offer support for this worthy cause and its founder Maria Bravo.

Other celebrities included Montse Hidalgo, Beatriz de Orleans, Andrea Mclean, Lisa Scott Lee, Rosa Lopez, Carla Barber, Pilar García de la Granja, Nuria Fergó, Rafael Amargo and Manolo Santana who was accompanied by Claudia Rodriguez, Marbella’s Mayor Angeles Muñoz, Chenoa, Laura Hamilton and Elvia Llauder.

Maria Bravo & Gary Dourdan
Maria Bravo & Gary Dourdan
Luis Fonsi and his wife Agueda Lopez
Luis Fonsi and his wife Agueda Lopez
Lorena Bernal
Lorena Bernal
Enjy Kiwan
Enjy Kiwan
Descemer Bueno & his wife
Descemer Bueno & his wife
Andrea McLean and her husband Nick Feeney
Andrea McLean and husband Nick Feeney
Lisa Scott-Lee
Lisa Scott-Lee
James Arthur
James Arthur
Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton
Andrea McLean & her husband Nick Feeney
Andrea McLean & husband Nick Feeney
Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton

Lisa Scott-Lee
Lisa Scott-Lee
Lorena Bernal
Lorena Bernal

Interviews’s Roz James had a brief chat with the following celebrities:

James Arthur – singer/songwriter and the winner of the X Factor in 2012. Firstly, I congratulated him on his career to date. He then told me how he got involved with the Global Gift Gala. “They contacted me and explained what it was all about and I felt I really wanted to be a part of it. I am more than happy to be a part of anything like this. It’s good to give back.” When I asked him about his performance tonight, he said I will be doing a few acoustic numbers”. I thanked him for his time and wished him luck with his performance.

Andrea McLean – co-presenter on ITV’s popular Loose Women programme and a freelance travel writer. Andrea was there with her husband Nck Feeney. They were both delightful, very friendly and really happy to chat. I asked Andrea if this was her first time in Marbella. “No, not to Marbella, but certainly to this event. This morning, we went to see the Casa Global Gift which is amazing, even though it is still in its building stage. It was very important for me to go to see exactly what this was all about and meet the children who it will help first hand. Its an honour to be invited.” You obviously give a lot of your time to charity with Text Santa and other events with the Loose Women. “Yes, I am also a patron in the UK for a charity for injured service men and women called “Back on Track”. You have also been championing and speaking out about menopause. You have done amazing work on that. “Oh my goodness, thank you so much. It has spread all the way to Spain. That’s wonderful!” Her huband Nick joked “you can still buy her book” and Andrea said “I have launched a website called “This girl is on fire” for women in their mid 30’s onwards showing just how fabulous women are and it includes lots of stuff about the menopause. So, this is easy for people in Spain to access.” They both thanked me for the interview and we wished them a good evening. 

Enjy Kiwan – she has a BA in banking and finance from the American University in Dubai and she has worked in the banking Industry for almost ten years as an investment analyst, financial editor, panel moderator and event organizer. In 2013, she opened her own home decor boutique which is called “Rubabikia” and she has now taken her business online. She has hosted a range of events, but this was her first time hosting for the Global Gift. “I am so excited, as this is my first time here and I am helping to present which is very exciting for me. The Global Gift is such an important foundation, doing marvellous work all over the world. I am very pleased to be associated with it.” You are very passionate about the environment? “Yes, teaching my children to care about the environment means teaching them to care full stop. It is one of the most important qualities to pass onto our children. It also encourages me to keep working on my YouTube channel in hopes to inspire, motivate and create awareness for different causes around the world.” Enjy looked amazing and was so easy to speak to. We wished her all the luck with the presenting tonight.

Gary Dourdan – probably best known for his part as Warrick Brown in the US TV programme CSI and also an accomplished musician. Gary was running late and just about to perform, so he only had a little time with us. I asked him about his committment to the Casa Global Gift. “It is an amazing project and I really enjoyed seeing the foundations of the house and the building taking place this morning. It was great to see the children and it will do so much good here.” We wished him luck as he ran off.

Laura Hamilton – best known for presenting the TV programme “A place in the sun”. Hi Laura, welcome back to Marbella again. “Nice to see you again. It’s good to be back and be able to enjoy my house in San Pedro. I am having a little holiday as I start filming again next week in Granada for “A place in the sun”. Of course, this is my second time here at the Global Gift Gala. I helped host it two years ago. I am just very pleased to be here to support this cause.”

Lisa Scott Lee – best known as one of the three female singers of the pop group Steps. Welcome Lisa. “Thank you so much. It’s really lovely to be here.” Is this your first time in Marbella? “No, I used to live here ten years ago in Aloha before moving to Dubia with my family. My little boy went to Spanish nursery here, so I have very fond memories and lots of friends here.” Are you performing tonight?  “I have been so busy with Steps but I am not performing tonight. I’m just here to enjoy the evening. We have just finished touring last weekend, so this is my first weekend off for six months!” How did you first get involved with the Global Gift? “It was through a good friend of mine Nick Ede (he has been instrumental in creating the Global Gift Gala platform with Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo, as well as being an award winning PR consultant). They invited me to some of the various galas around the world. In 2014, I went to the one in Dubia and met the lovely Eva. As I am so busy, I don’t get much chance to do things like this, so when I can I like to give of my time.” It was a pleasure to meet and chat with Lisa and we hope she enjoyed thre evening.

Chenoa – Singer and keen philanthopist. I was delighted to speak with Chenoa, who looked amazing – as always. She said her English wasn’t very good, so we mananged with a mixture of English and Spanish. Lovely to see you again Chenoa. You look wonderful. “Thank you, I am back again for another year. I love it here in Marbella.” I asked her if she had visited the Casa Global Gift this morning and she replied, “Yes, it was wonderful. We can see the evolution and sacrifice that it has taken to make Maria’s dream a reality, along with Eva Longoria who is of course now a mummy. It’s so exciting. We miss her this year, but we are all so happy for her.”

Angeles Muñoz – Marbella’s Mayoress. She of course recognized us and stopped to say hi. “I am so pleased to be here again. This is the seventh year for the Global Gift in our town.” When I asked her about the Casa Global Gift project she replied, “It is a wonderful project, I was there this morning to see the progress. It will be a really good advancement for our town. It will help many children and their families.”

Global Gift Party at Playa Padre 2018

The Global Gift Party was held on Saturday 28 July at the Playa Padre Beach Club in Marbella. This is a welcome party for the celebrities and sponsors of the Global Gift weekend. The red carpet started at 21.30 with guests ready for a night of fun and great entertainment at this stunning venue.

Global Gift Gala Press Conference July 2018

A press conference was held on Thursday July 19 at Marbella’s Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe to provide details of this year’s Global Gift Gala to be held on Sunday July 29. It was presented by the Global Gift Foundation´s Maria Bravo, the Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe General Manager Rocío Galán and Marbella Councillor Isabel Contado.

To obtain tickets / Para obtener entradas email: [email protected]

This year’s attendees will include James Arthur, Niña Pastori, Lorena Bernal, Enjy Kiwan, Gary Dourdan, Descemer Bueno, Dama, Chenoa, Rosa Lopez and Montse Hidalgo. The Global Gift Philanthropist Award will be presented to Luis Fonsi.

Again this year, the Global Gift Foundation’s Maria Bravo presented a cheque for €2,500 to Marbella’s Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Global Gift Foundation

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Maria Bueno - Global Gift Foundation
Maria Bueno – Global Gift Foundation
Isabel Cintado - Marbella Councillor
Isabel Cintado – Marbella Councillor
Rocío Galán - Gran Melia Don Pepe
Rocío Galán – Gran Melia Don Pepe
Maria Bravo presents cheque to Multiple Sclerosis Society
Maria Bravo presents cheque to Multiple Sclerosis Society

News: The VII Marbella Global Gift Gala 2018

The 7th Marbella Global Gift Gala will once again take place at the emblematic Gran Melia Don Pepe Hotel on July 29. This year’s beneficiaries will be the Eva Longoria Foundation, the Vipingo Village Fund and the Global Gift Foundation’s Global Gift Casa project.

Maria Bravo will be accompanied by national and international personalities to bring the world’s philanthropic gaze on her hometown of Marbella. Lorena Bernal and Amaury Nolasco will host the gala with singers Chenoa, Rosa Lopez and Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls all performing, along with actor and singer Gary Dourdan – best know as Warrick Brown from CSI.

The guests will take part in the Global Gift Philanthropic Weekend which this year includes a number of events before the official gala. The 6th Global Gift Foundation Solidarity Golf Challenge will take place on July 28 at the Santa María Golf & Country Club. On the same day, sponsors, celebrities and Global Gift ambassadors will meet at the Casa Global Gift to see first-hand the refurbishment progress of the Multifunctional Treatment Centre for children with rare and chronic diseases in Marbella – María Bravo’s dream come true.

The Gala will follow the red carpet and interviews with a black tie three course dinner provided by prestigious Michelin Star chefs. This will be followed by a live auction and world class performances.

Global Gift Gala 2017

The Global Gift Weekend, now in its sixth year here in Marbella, is the most important philanthropic event of the year. was of course there to bring you news and images from this prestigious event. This year’s Global Gift Gala weekend in Marbella was held from July 14 – 16, with the dinner and presentation of awards taking place at the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe on Sunday evening.

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On Friday, there was a welcome dinner at the Finca Besaya Restaurant, followed on Saturday evening by the Global Gift Party at the new Chiringuito Playa Padre on el Cable beach. The Global Gift Gala took place as usual on Sunday at the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe.

Maria Bravo, founder and president of the Global Gift Foundation, and Ambassador Eva Longoria Bastón were joined by members of the international philanthropic community and well known celebrities, all there to raise funds to improve the lives of women, children and families throughout the world.

Maria Bravo at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Maria Bravo

Maria told us, “To be in my own town, surrounded by friends and personalities who are committed to solidarity is a dream fulfilled. It gives me the strength to continue working through the Global Gift Foundation to try to create a better world”.

People from the world of business, culture, journalism and sport walking the red carpet on Sunday evening included Amaury Nolasco and Lorena Bernal who were presenting at the gala, award winners Pilar Garcia de la Granja, Miriam Reyes Oliva and Amélie Jézabel Mariage, entertainers Rafael Amargo, Descemer Bueno, Steve Edwards and Tony Mendes, Beatriz de Orleans, Olivia de Borbón, Julián Porras, Nuria Fergó, Ana Obregón, Vogue Williams, Spencer Matthews, Melissa Obadash, Nick Ede, Jane Given, Laura Hamilton, Camilla Kerslake, Chris Robshaw and Melissa Nkonda. Also there was Enric Ortiz, regional vice president of Meliá Hotels.

Vogue Williams & Spencer Matthews at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Vogue Williams & Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews, (probably best known from the TV show “Made in Chelsea” and Pippa Middleton’s new brother-in-law)) chatted with us briefly, explaining that they couldn´t attend the party at Playa Padre because Vogue’s luggage had been mislaid. Thankfully, it was found quickly and she was looking stunning in a cream floor length ruffled gown by Paul Costelloe.

We asked Spencer if this was his first time in Marbella. He said, “Actually yes it is! But I have been to San Sebastian for the best tapas.” Vogue said, “I know Marbella well. My mother lives in Sotogrande”. Spencer then said “We are both very glad to be here to help raise awareness for the foundations”. They were a charming couple. Very eloquent and happy to spend time chatting.

Melissa Nkonda had a few words with us saying, “I love being here. I have been welcomed by everyone and I feel so at home. I am here tonight to enjoy the evening and help raise funds. I performed last night at Playa Padre. It is such an important foundation and such a worthwhile cause”.

Melissa Nkonda at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Melissa Nkonda

Also there were the evening’s presenters model Lorena Bernal and actor Amaury Nolasco, Laura Hamilton and Nick Ede, US designer Melissa Odabash.

Amaury Nolasco & Lorena Bernal at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Amaury Nolasco and Lorena Bernal

Charming as always, Amaury was happy to spend time talking with us. We asked him if he was pleased to be back in Marbella and said he really should buy a home here, he’s here so often. He said, “Well, they keep inviting me. I really don’t know why! Seriously, Marbella is a second home for me. I always enjoy my time here. I have been coming here for six years now and I have some great friends here. It’s a sort of kick off to my vacation period”.

Amaury added, with a huge laugh and that amazing smile, “Also, Maria and Eva are my ‘sisters’. How could I say no to them”. We then asked him about Saturday night at Playa Padre. He replied, “What a fantastic spot. There are no houses or hotels around, so the loud music doesn’t affect anyone. It just goes on and on. It’s a great party venue”.

We wished him luck for tonight and he said “Raising money is the whole point. So, if people are slow, I might just take their wallets away”.

Rafael Armago & family at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Rafael Amago & family

The evening’s musical performances were provided by the gregarious Rafael Amargo, who is always great fun. He was singing and dancing, even on the red carpet.  Other entertainers included Descemer Bueno, Steve Edwards and DJ Tony Mendes.

We always know when Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria Bastón enter the room. The flashes and calls from the press increase ten fold. But, they are consummate professionals and give so much of their time. They don’t rush and they speak with as many people as possible.

Eva Longoria Baston at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Eva Longoria Bastón

We were delighted to have an opportunity to  speak to Eva. She is so charming and easy to talk with. We welcomed her back to Marbella and said she has been really busy this year with the foundations. She said “Thank you. I am always glad to come back to Marbella. Yes, this year has been extremely busy. We added two new Galas this year. I loved Playa Padre last night. We had so much fun. Any time you can be on the beach and fancy a paella, that’s the place to go”.

Eva Longoria Bastón with Sergio & Javier Torres

The Gala evening began with a tasting menu, prepared by the prestigious chefs Rodrigo de la Calle (creator of the gastrobotany and Michelin star in his restaurant in Madrid Greenhouse) and the brothers Sergio and Javier Torres, presenters of the TV show “Torres in the kitchen” on TVE. They were as usual accompanied by the chef of the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe, committed Global Gifter Víctor Carracedo and Jean-Philippe Darcis, who was again this year the master confectioner.

Ana Obregón at the Marbella Global Gift Gala 2017
Ana Obregón

Rocío Galán (Director of the Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe told us, “It’s a pleasure to have the Global Gift Gala for the sixth consecutive year. We consider this one of the most important events of the Costa del Sol. Our support is unconditional, because we believe the Global Gift Foundation is doing a great job in the city”.

The Global Gift Our Heroes Award went to the Fundación Querer, a beneficiary of the gala, and it was  collected by Pilar Garcia de la Granja. The Fundacion Querer raises public awareness of the importance of childhood neurological diseases, relying on specialized, individualized and developed educational methods for educating children to develop their full potential.

Pilar Garcia de la Granja said ‘Thanks to the Global Gift Foundation and its generous financial contribution, our educational project is much closer. And that’s a wonderful place for so many children who are able to benefit from the method and the many families that can help with genomic analysis, briefings, respite care and support scientific research projects gift”.

The Global Gift Philanthropist Award was given to ONG Aprendices Visuales and accepted by its founders Miriam Reyes Oliva and Amélie Jézabel Mariage. The foundation, which helps children with autism, explained the importance of continuing to do this work so that these children can identify their emotions, improve their social skills and start reading. They said, “The Global Gift Foundation’s recognition of  our work is huge. We are confident that the visibility it gives us will help us to further sensitize society about autism and boost our upcoming projects for children and younger girls”.

This year, there was a surprise recognition. The Global Gift We Believe in People award was given to Ricardo Alvarez, philanthropist and creator of Ribek Producciones, for their unconditional support to the Global Gift Foundation since its inception.

The traditional auction, directed by David Durán, included the following:

  • An experience at the Dubai International Film Festival with Sarah Jessica Parker. This reached a bid of €50,000.
  • An opportunity to accompany Eva Longoria Bastón to the exclusive London Global Gift Gala in November.
  • A photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by film producer Lawrence Schiller.
  • Various pieces of jewelry and exclusive art.

This year, three non-profit organizations will benefit from the Philanthropic Global Gift Weekend – the Fundacion Querer, the Eva Longoria Foundation and the Global Gift Foundation.

The funds raised for the Eva Longoria Foundation will reinforce entrepreneurship programs and micro loans for Latinas in the United States. The Global Gift Foundation dedicated its part to reform the Casa Global Gift, a multifunctional centre that will be adapted and specialized for children with rare diseases and support and material aid for their families.

The final part of this Global Gift Weekend will be a dinner show at the exclusive Marbella Teatro space.

Global Gift Gala 2016

Marbella eagerly awaited the arrival of this year’s Global World Gifters to celebrate the Global Gift Foundation Weekend of Philanthropy charity initiative on the 16 – 17 July.

The Global Gift weekend began with the inauguration of the first Casa Global Gift on Saturday morning. It was attended by the creator and founder of this new project, Maria Bravo. And she was accompanied by Eva Longoria Baston and Global Gifters from such places as Dubai, London and Paris. This was a private affair and we will let you have more information as soon as we receive it.

On Saturday evening, philanthropists and guests went along to the Global Gift Party at Olivia Valere’s Babelonia Restaurant where they enjoyed dinner and performances from Poty Castillo, Lourdes Martinez and DJ Tony Mendez.

On Sunday evening, co-founder and host of honour Maria Bravo hosted the fifth edition of the Global Gift Gala in the beautiful gardens of the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe in Marbella. was of course there to get you the best images and a few words with some of the guests.

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Marbella Global Gift Gala 2016
Eva Longoria Bastón

This year, the Gala was attended by over 320 people. Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) and Belinda Washington (Actress & TV Presenter) presented this year’s event in English and Spanish. India Martinez, Pitingo, Chenoa, Adrian Martin and Sophia Lis provided the entertainment with guest performances throughout the evening.

We managed to get a few words with Amaury Nolasco, who told us he had just finished filming Season 5 of Prison Break for all you fans out there. He also said he was “delighted to be at the Global Gift Gala again this year. It’s all about raising funds for good causes”.

Marbella Global Gift Gala 2016
Amaury Nolasco & Roz James

The Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal Gutiérrez told us how pleased he was to welcome all the Global Gifters to Marbella. As was Miguel Lunes, Marbella’s Councillor for Tourism.

Marbella Global Gift Gala 2016
Marbella Mayor José Bernal & Roz James
Marbella Global Gift Gala 2016
Marbella Head of Tourism Miguel Luna & Roz James

The last to walk the red carpet were of course Eva Longoria who was wearing a Rosa Clara gown and Folli Follie jewellery and Maria Bravo. Maria stopped to thank us for coming and posed for an image with Roz before rushing off to enjoy the festivities.

Video in English and Spanish

Global Gift Gala Awards

At this year’s Gala, four awards were presented to philanthropic personalities for their work in social causes:

Karen Ruimy – the “Global Gift Humanitarian Award”
Mássimo Gargia – the “We believe in People Award”
Michel Issa – the “Global Gift Philanthropist Award”
Maxi Johal – the “Global Gift Philanthropreneur Award”

The guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal from two renowned chefs – Diego Gallegos (1 Star Michelin Chef Revelation 2015 Madrid Fusion/Restaurant Sollo) and Oscar Velasco (“Chef L’Avenir” Prize the International Academy of Gastronomy and 2 stars Michelin/ Restaurant Santcelloni). The meal was prepared with Victor Carracedo, the chef from the Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe and his team. Master confectioner Jean-Philippe Darcis provided the desserts.

All of the funds raised during the weekend will be donated to la Fundación Eva Longoria, Mensajeros de la Paz and La Fundación Global Gift.

Global Gift Gala Marbella Images

Marbella Global Gift Gala 2016

Global Gift Gala (355)

Global Gift Gala (403)

Global Gift Gala (117)

On Sunday 5 July, the Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe was the setting for the fourth Marbella Global Gift Gala. The three foundations benefitting from this year’s event will be the Eva Longoria Foundation, the Global Gift Foundation and the Bertin Osborne Foundation.

Global Gift Gala 2015

Set in the beautiful gardens of this popular 5 star hotel, preparations were well under way for this prestigious event when we arrived with Marbella Now´s Nicole King who was there to interview people for next week´s show.

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Tables set for the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Maria Bravo & Padre Angel at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Two of the charity´s founders, Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta were there with guest of honour hostess Eva Longoria who was wearing a stunning backless dress by designer Gyunel.

Bertin Osborne, his wife Fabiola Martinez and daughters Eugenia, Claudia and Alejandra also attended, along with Isabel Gemio, Amaury Nolasco and Eva LaRue who were presenting at the Gala. Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) was also there to entertain the guests with a performance.

This year´s ‘Global Gift Humanitarian Award’ went to  Padre Ángel and the  ‘Global Gift Our Heroes Award’ went to Samantha Vallejo-Nájera. There were emotional speeches by Bertin Osborne and Eva Longoria who thanked everyone for making it possible for the foundations to go forward.

Eva Longoria with celebrity chefs for the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Descemer Bueno at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

The guests enjoyed a sumptuous menu arranged by Michelin star chef’s Diego Guerrero of Dstage and Diego del Rio of El Lago together with the amazing chefs at the Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe. The desserts were by master confectioner Jean Philippe Darcis.

Performances by Descemer Bueno, Chenoa and Taboo finished another successful Global Gift Gala under the stars in Marbella.

Isabel Gemio at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Fabiola Martinez at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Amaury Nolasco at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Eva LaRue at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Claudia Ortiz Domecq at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Laura Padelska at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015161

Chenoa at the Global Gift Gala in Marbella 2015

Global Gift Gala Golf Tournament 2015

Saturday 4 July heralded the start of a very special philanthropic weekend here in Marbella for three important charities – the Global Gift Foundation, the Eva Longoria Foundation and the Bertin Osborne Foundation.

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As the sun rose over the Sierra Nevada mountains, Marbella’s La Quinta Golf and Country Club were getting ready for a very special Charity Golf Tounament. This is invariably a fun day, where the general public can join celebrities for a round of golf and lunch. This year the celebrities included Amaury Nolasco (star of US TV show Prison Break), Eva La Rue (from CSI Miami) and Eva Longoria who needs absolutely no introduction.

As usual, was there to get you the best images of the day. And Marbella Now’s Nicole King and Johnny Gates interviewed some of the stars for next week’s show.

Global Gift Gala Golf 179

Global Gift Gala Golf 163

Global Gift Gala Golf 106

Global Gift Gala Golf 186

Global Gift Golf 131

Global Gift Golf 079

Global Gift Golf 126

Global Gift Golf 191

Global Gift Golf 041

Global Gift Golf 102

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