Marbella Airport

Where Is Marbella Airport?

Planning a trip to Marbella and looking for the nearest airport? Interestingly, and perhaps unusually for a destination as popular as Marbella, there is no such thing as “Marbella Airport”. Instead, visitors to the area must arrive via one of the nearby airports. Fear not though, for they’re not particularly far away and transport from the airport in to the centre of Marbella is extremely easy to find! Let’s take a look at the best airports to fly to if you’re planning a trip to Marbella:

1 – Malaga Airport

malaga airport

Malaga Airport is the clostest thing to “Marbella Airport” – a major international airport that is only around 40 minutes drive from downtown Marbella. You can fly in to Malaga Airport from most countries in Europe, with low cost carriers being a particularly common way to travel.

The airport itself has plenty of amenities and facilities for all travellers and can rival any international airport. To find out more, just check out our Malaga Airport page.

The easiest way to get in to downtown Marbella from Malaga Airport is via bus or taxi, but you can also rent a car at one of the many car rental desks available. If using a taxi, make sure you use one of the official registered and metered taxis. Busses run frequently throughout the day – more information can be found on our Malaga Airport Bus Timetable page.

2 – Gibraltar Airport

gibraltar airport

Famous for its rock, Gibraltar also has a fairly large international airport serviced regularly by many international airlines, including low cost carriers. The airport itself has a good range of facilities and is on par with Malaga Airport – with the unique advantage that you can spend some time visiting Gibraltar and all it has to offer.

Gibraltar Airport is only around 75km away from Marbella, so it’s not particularly far. However, border crossings from the British owned Gibraltar in to Spain (and going to the other way too) can be a very lengthy process at times, really slowing down the journey.

If travelling from Gibraltar Airport make sure you leave adequate time for border crossings to ensure you don’t miss your flight!

3 – Granada Airport

granada airport

Granada Airport is significantly smaller than Malaga Airport, and as such doesn’t have the same range of facilities and amenities. However, you can occassionally find cheaper flights in to Granada than Malaga. Therefore it’s always worth checking if you don’t mind the extra journey time by road.

Granada Airport is around 170km from the centre of Marbella, so a trip by road takes around 2 hours in total. The most common way to travel is by minibus or 12 seater van – both of which are available at the airport. Filling a 12 seater means you can split the cost too, resulting in big savings.

There’s also the added bonus of getting to see the beautiful historic city of Granada – something not to miss!

4 – Jerez Airport

jerez airport

Jerez Airport is slightly further away than Granada Airport at around 175km, but due to the road layout travel time is significantly longer. A trip from Jerez Airport to Marbella by road will take just over 3 hours, usually by minibus.

Just like Granada Airport, you can often find cheap flights to Jerez Aiport, especially during the peak travel season – so if you don’t mind the longer road trip then it’s an option worth considering. It’s also worth remembering that Jerez is a smaller airport and doesn’t offer the same level of facilities that Malaga Airport does.

Now that you’re ready for your trip to Marbella, why not check out our Marbella events calendar for a list of things to do whilst here? Or for the foodies among you, check out our comprehensive Marbella restaurant guide. We hope you enjoy your stay in Marbella!

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