Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air…and arriving early this year. Not only have we already heard the chattering of cicadas, but take a short drive up La Concha – Marbella’s mountain – and you can experience the stunning sight and delicious smell of the first almond trees in bloom.

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Almonds have been harvested since 3.000 BC and have been part of Mediterranean culture for millennia. Spain is the second largest almond producer in the world, with Andalucia and Valencia as its main producing regions. Almond trees add a special charm to the landscapes of Andalucia. They seem to flourish in the most inhospitable of places, and the colours and scents of their blossoms bring the countryside to life.

You will find plenty of trees in the areas of Monda and Guaro, just a few kilometres inland from Marbella. You may notice that some are white and others are pink. The white blossoms produce sweet almonds while the pink ones produce the bitter variety. The pink ones might look pretty, but they contain cyanide which must be removed before consumption!

Post and images by photographer Derek Evans

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