Shake up your Christmas decor with these new ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and I can already feel the cold breeze. Christmas is all about the happy vibe. It’s holiday time and everyone is in a festive mood. It’s not just limited to that, there is a new energy that keeps every soul functioning. Also, it’s time to decorate and everyone is geared up to add a new dimension to their homes. Are you looking for some ideas? Well, the following ideas will give a creative edge to your preparation.

Get creative with your wreath

Chances are that there are plenty of wreaths hanging around in your house. So, you definitely need an upgrade this year. Get creative and consider layering them. Along with the traditional green wreath, you can add a layer of another wreath. Try choosing a different color to keep a tinge of excitement. This way, you’ll create something unique that is attractive and in the Christmas spirit. 

Add some citrus

Why citrus? Because during Christmas, there is an abundance of citrus fruits. The fresh harvest Florida harvest floods us with the goodness of lemons, oranges, and grapes. So, it’s important to add the scent and colors of citrus to the Christmas vibe. You can combine the flower decorations with these citrus fruits. These can combine to create a decorative for you. 

Sugarplums are great for the kids’ room

If you have kids in the house, you need to take care of their interest. For kids, it’s holiday time. So, they are definitely excited and filled with the festive spirit. Honestly, we need this kind of cheerful energy during festivals like these. I still remember, when I was a kid, Christmas was the happiest time for me. So, I can definitely relate. Well, you can bring a small sugarplum tree for them. It can be easily kept in the room and is a good way to surprise your kids. 

Add greenery at random places

During Christmas, there is no specific rule that you need to arrange your green sprigs in a specific way. Be playful and don’t shy away from experimenting. Spread the green sprigs throughout the house. You can add these to the dining chairs or just hang them on the windows. Make sure you include the kids in this task. It can make them feel involved and geared up for the special day. Adding greenery is a great way to add an element of freshness to your home. If you have some guests coming for the special day, it will surely make them smile.

Use your own ideas

emotional support dog

It’s never bad to use your own set of ideas. It always keeps the scope of decoration open to new possibilities. You probably have a great idea that you want to try out. So, just do it. There is nobody stopping you. There are a lot of items in the house that can be used for decoration. Try blending the concept and create something new out of it. If you have a color in mind, you can plan the whole Christmas theme around it. But make sure that you avoid certain things that can be harmful for children and pets. Stay clear of these and make sure all raw materials are pet-friendly and child-safe. If you have an emotional support dog then you might want to be extra careful.

This Christmas, do something new. It’s your house and you’re free to do what you want. Just make sure it’s attractive enough to keep the guests’ eye gazing in awe. I’m sure you can do it. 

Use Magnolia Leaves

The best thing about magnolia leaves is that it looks damn attractive. You can easily think about combinations that look stylish. The magnolia leaves have become extremely popular in the decoration scene. You can make a garland out of it or just tie them together to create something new. It’s up to you and you can create new designs with a creative approach. 

Create a Wreath Out of Pine Cones

The pine cones serve as great decorations. They are symmetric and intricately crafted by nature that makes them attractive. Just plan a design in the mind and you can make a wreath out of them. It’s not necessary to stick to the circular design. You can make it go square or just make a star out of it. It will just take some efforts but it will be worth it. If you don’t want to make a wreath out of it, you can just paint the cones and hang them beside the doors. 

Play with the color scheme

Christmas is not about a single color. If you had a specific color theme last year, it’s not necessary you have to follow the same this year. Instead, this year do something different. Also, it’s not important to stick to a single color. You can blend different colors and create something interesting. For instance, you can keep the main theme ‘Christmas Red’ and play with colors around it. Keep it exciting and subtle. The festive occasion for a relaxed feeling. So, choose colors accordingly.

With these decoration tips, you can turn your home into a Christmas paradise. If you have the budget, you can get a toy Santa Claus along with the sled. This can bring a sense of excitement in the whole set. Don’t forget to cook delicacies. The decoration task will surely be taxing for you. So, you’ll definitely need something to feast on. Once you’re set for the special day, ensure you install some lights to bring a sense of vibrancy to the whole feel. You don’t need to overdo anything. Just keep everything simple yet vibrant. It will be a great Christmas for you!