Senior Masters Cup Tennis at Puente Romano

Juan Carlos Ferrero & Angeles Muñoz

Here, we provide details of the Senior Masters Cup, held annually at the Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella – with press conferences, news, results of the tournament as they happen, images and interviews.

Senior Masters Cup 2018 Day 2

On Saturday 29 September, the first match on court was a doubles match – Carlos Moyá and Alberto Costa vs. Goran Ivanisevic and Paco Clavet. There was a very relaxed atmosphere on court and tennis fans enjoyed the constant humour of Ivanisevic which was directed at opponents and spectators. The final result was a vwin for the Spanish team 7-6.

In the singles final that followed, Spain’s Juan Carlos Ferrero was proclaimed champion of this the third edition of the Senior Masters Cup after beating the Russia’s Marat Safin. Ferrero showed great form by taking the first set 6-3 and after an hour and a half of high level dueling, the final was settled when he took the second set 6-4. 

Ferrero said “I felt very comfortable on the court, I like being in competition again. The truth is that we have played a great level of tennis and I hope that the public has enjoyed it.” said Ferrero, who is in Marbella with his family.

“This type of tournament allows us to continue playing, training and keeping in touch with competition and old team mates. It’s nice to be able to play in Spain and in venues with an organization of this level,” he said. “I’m happy. I had not played for almost seven years and trained a little with Carlos before coming here and it was a surprise to see that I have not broken up and that my tennis level is still there.”

Marat Safin, who despite the defeat was very satisfied said “The truth is that you can see that Juan Carlos is playing all day with the boys in his academy, it seems that he has not retired”. “I’m happy to have come. It’s my first visit to Marbella, but Spain is like my second home. I lived in Valencia for a long time, I have a house in Ibiza and I hope to come back here. People always treat me very well,” he said.

As night fell, another great tennis star took over, this time exchanging his racket for a microphone. Yannick Noah closed the tournament with an exclusive concert in the VIP lounge area.

It was a very well attended event again this year. Great tennis in a wonderful setting and of course the glorious Marbella weather.

Senior Masters Cup 2018 Day 1

On Friday September 28, this year’s competition began with a match between Goran Ivanisevic and Marat Safin. Ivanisevic, as usual, showed his great sense of humour by joking with the spectators, the fans and his opponent. In just over an hour, this first game was resolved with Safin winning 7-6, 6-2.

The second match between the Spaniards Carlos Moya and Juan Carlos Ferrero had the spectators on the edge of their seats from the beginning. These great friends were not willing to give in to each other at any time. Ferrero took the first set, but Moya reacted quickly to level and force the match into a tiebreaker. The final result was 6-1, 1-6 and 10-5 (tie break) for Ferrero.

Saturday will host the final, which promises to be a great game, between Saffin and Ferrero at 19.30. Before this at 18.00, there will be a doubles match between Spain’s Alberto Costa and Pato Clavet against Carlos Moya and Goran Ivanisevic. You can expect more great humour and interaction with the crowd.

Juan Carlos Ferrero and MoyaGoran Ivanisevic Juan Carlos Ferrero

Senior Masters Cup 2018

Stars of tennis will be meeting here again this year for the third Senior Masters Cup. It will again take place at the Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella on 28 & 29 September 2018. This year’s competition will be over two days, instead of the usual three days, a change aimed at strengthening the social and relaxed aspect of this event.

On 27 September, there will be a clinic enabling children from the town’s academies to rub shoulders with these stars of tennis followed by the official dinner for the players which will be attended by personalities from Marbella and Málaga.

On Friday 28 September the tennis will start at 18.00 with the international match between Russian Marat Safin (Australia Open 2005, US Open 2000 and 2006 Davis Cup, 2002) against Croatian Goran Ivanisevic (Wimbledon 2001). From 19:30  enjoy the Spanish duel starring Moya (Roland Garros 1998 and 2004 Davis Cup) against Ferrero (Roland Garros 2003 Davis Cup 2004, 2003, 2000).

Players who pass the win will take part in the Grand Finale on Saturday 29 at 19:30. The fun will start at 18.00 with an exhibition doubles match where tennis lovers will enjoy a relaxed meeting where the stars of our sport show their fun side led by the charismatic and always witty Yannick Noah.

Spectators for this year’s tournament are expected to exceed last year’s 6,500 with more than 93 million media impacts and 700,000 social media impressions.

This year, there will be an exclusive leisure area at the Puente Romano Tennis Club which will be called the VIP Lounge. It will be a social meeting place offering the ability to share leisure time with big names of world tennis. In addition to the music on offer, the VIP Lounge completes its appeal with a gastronomic experience provided by renowned chefs from the Costa del Sol.

In this third edition of the tournament, restauranteur Aitor Perurena will provide attendees with some of his exquisite culinary creations characterizing the stylish cuisine he is famous for (Gastronomic Restaurant Studio 1870).

Perurena is one of the leading lights in a space which will include other heavyweights from the food industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to taste unique combinations of the very top brands in the domestic and international markets.

Competing this year:

Carlos Moyá (Spain):
Grand Slam Titles 1 – Roland Garros (1998)
Highest ATP ranking 1
ATP Titles 20
Davis Cup Titles 1 (2004)

Juan Carlos Ferrero (Spain):
Grand Slam Titles 1 – Roland Garros (2003)
Highest ATP ranking 1
ATP Titles 16
Davis Cup Titles 3 (2000, 2003, 2004)

Marat Safin (Russia):
Grand Slam Titles 2 – Australian Open (2005), US Open (2000)
Highest ATP ranking 1
ATP Titles 15
Davis Cup Titles 2 (2002, 2006)

Goran Ivanisevic (Croatia):
Grand Slam Titles 1 Wimbledon (2001)
Highest ATP ranking 2
ATP Titles 22
Davis Cup Titles 0 (5 semi-finals)

Albert Costa (Spain):
Grand Slam Titles 1 – Roland Garros (2002)
Highest ATP ranking 6
ATP Titles 12
Davis Cup Titles 1 (2000)

Sebastien Grosjean (France):
Grand Slam Titles 0
Highest ATP ranking 4
ATP Titles 4
Davis Cup Titles 1 (2001)

Yannick Noah (France):
Grand Slam Titles 1 – Roland Garros (1983)
Highest ATP ranking 3
ATP Titles 23
Davis Cup Titles 0 (1 final)

Matches / Results & News 2017

30 September:

Final: Carlos Moyá beat John McEnroe 6-4, 6-4. This was John McEnroe’s last competitive match, following his recent announcement that he will be withdrawing from the competition circuit.

The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, presented the trophy to the Carlos Moyá.

Senior Masters Cup Final Presentation
Senior Masters Cup Final Presentation

Doubles: Yannick Noah & Sebastian Grosjean beat Albert Costa & Mats Wilander 7-6.

2017 was an extraordinary tournament, great attendance by the public to all three days. All enjoying great tennis from international legends of tennis. Thanks to all the legends, Manolo Santana Tennis Club at Puente Romano and Tennium for bringing us a great tournament.

29 September:

First semi-final: Pato Clavet vs. Carlos Moyá (Rafa Nadal’s current coach). Carlos Moyá won the match following a hard fought tie break 6-3, 7-6.

Second semi-final: John McEnroe beat Mats Wilander.

28 September:

The first match of the tournament was between Albert Costa and Pato Clavet (a late replacement for Sebastian Grosjean). Albert Costa was hoping to take the trophy again, but lost to Clavet 6-2, 3-6, (10-7).

The second match was between Mats Wilander and Pat Cash (making his debut at the Marbella Senior Master Cup). The Swedish player left nothing to chance and saw off the Australian 6-4, 6-3.

Albert Costa
Albert Costa
Pat Cash
Pat Cash
Mats Wilander
Mats Wilander
Mats Wilander and Pat Cash
Mats Wilander and Pat Cash

Senior Masters Cup Press Conference 2017

The press conference for this year’s Senior Masters Cup was held on Thursday 7 September at the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) in Marbella’s old town. The event is being held this year from 28 – 30 September at the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa in Marbella and will feature some of the world’s best known tennis players. 

John McEnroe at the Senior Masters Cup in Marbella

The presentation of players took place at the Puente Romano Hotel Beach Resort & Spa just before the event started at 17.00 on 28 September.

The stars competing this year are:

Albert Costa, Mats Wilander, Pat Cash, Carlos Moyá, John McEnroe and Pato Clavet (a late entry due to an injury sustained by Sebastian Grosjean). This year, Yannick Noah will play in a doubles display along with performing at the concert on Saturday evening.

This year’s draw is as follows:

Thursday – September 28, 2017
18.00 Pato Clavet vs Albert Costa
20.00 Mats Wilander vs. Pat Cash

Friday – September 29, 2017
18.00 Carlos Moyá vs. the winner of Pato Clavet & Albert Costa
20.00 John McEnroe vs. the winner of Mats Wilander & Pat Cash

Saturday – September 30, 2017
18.00 Doubles Exhibition with Yannick Noah
20.00 Final

Joaquin Rios Casanova, Javier Mérida, Albert Costa & Marica Huertas
Joaquin Rios Casanova, Javier Mérida, Albert Costa & Marica Huertas

Senior Masters Cup Tournament 2016

The Seniors Masters Cup 2016 was held this week at the Puente Romano Beach Club & Spa in Marbella and was of course there to bring you the news and images.

Day 1 – Opening Matches

The opening match was between Younes El Aynaoui (Morocco) and Sebastian Grosjean (France). This was an extremely close match which went to a super tie-break. El Aynaoui won 6-3, 6-7, 10-5.

The second match was between Mats Wilander (Sweden) and Yannick Noah (France). Wilander (a former world number one and winner of seven grand slam titles) beat Noah (French open winner and Davis Cup captain) 7-6, 6-2 in a match full of fun and frolicks from these two great players.

Day 2 – Semi Finals

The first semi-final was between yesterday’s winner Younes El Aynaoui and Albert Costa (Spain). Costa won 6-4, 7-5 ensuring his place in Saturday’s final.

The second semi-final was between yesterday’s winner Mats Wilander and one of the greatest tennis players in history John McEnroe (USA). Everyone was really looking forward to this match and we were keen to see McEnroe’s antics. It did not disappoint. McEnroe won the match 6-4, 6-4 and booked his place in saturday’s final.

Day 3 – Final

Before the final, there was an exhibition doubles match featuring Yannick Noah, Mats Wilander, Younes El Aynaoui and Sebastian Grosejan, followed by a tribute to Manolo Santana – a pioneer of Spanish tennis. The Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa’s centre court was then dedicated to Manolo Santana, who was born in Marbella. And, 50 years ago in 1966, he became Spoain’s first Wimbledon champion.

Manolo Santana then said “Marbella is my home. This is a great honour for me. You know you have a neighbour forever” visibly grateful to the audience in this very special year.


This year’s final was between Albert Costa and John McEnroe. Over 2,600 spectators were there to watch the match under a beautiful pink Marbella sky. The match wasn’t easy for either the veteran John McEnroe or the younger Albert Costa. It was obvious from the first set that McEnroe came here to win and he put Costa under a lot of pressure. The match went to a super tiebreak and Albert Costa was ultimately successful 3- 6, 6-3, 12-10.

He was presented with the glass sculptured trophy (produced by Ecovidrio, using recycled glass collected during the last two months in Marbella) by Marbella’s Mayor José Bernal.

The event ended with a party featuring Yannick Noah’s band who delighted the guests who packed the VIP Lounge.









Senior Masters Cup Press Conference 2016

The press conference for this year’s Senior Masters Cup took place on 21 September at the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. was of course there to bring you all the information about the tournament.

The presentation was attended by John McEnroe, Yannick Noah, Sebastian Grosjean and Albert Costa along with the mayor of Marbella Jose Bernal, the Secretary for Sport of the Junta de Andalucía Antonio Fernandez, Director General of the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa Jorge Manzur and the 1966 Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana.

The humour and rivalry between the players was clear to see. “I have come to Marbella to win” said John McEnroe. But Yannick Noah replied “I have been totally focused on winning this tournament”. It was clear that both players were planning to play great tennis and give the audience a show. The banter will undoubtedly continue on the tennis court.

There will also be a tribute to Spanish tennis player Manolo Santana on Saturday along with the unveiling of the winning design of the trophies. The winner’s cup is a sculpture made with recycled glass from Ecovidrio.

All the matches will be played from 19.00 each evening and televised by Teledeporte (TVE).

The playlist is as follows:

Thursday – August 22, 2016
7:00 pm – Sebastian Grosjean vs Younes El Aynaoui
9:00 pm – Mats Wilander vs. Yannick Noah

Friday – August 23, 2016
7:00 pm – Albert Costa vs. the winner of Sebastian Grosjean and Younes El Aynaoui
9:00 pm – John McEnroe vs. the winner of Mats Wilander and Yannick Noah

Saturday – August 24, 2016
2:00 pm A tribute to Manolo Santana
9:00 pm – Final

The Andalusian Tennis Federation will be responsible for the organization of team of referees and linesmen.









Senior Masters Cup Press Conference

The press conference for the Senior Masters Cup tennis tournament being held at the Puente Romano Tennis Club from September 22 – 24 took place this morning at the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) in Marbella’s old town. was of course there to bring you the news.

Marbella’s mayor José Bernal, Albert Costa (the tournament’s director), Jorge Manzur (Puente Romano’s Director General) and Spain’s 1966 Wimbledon champion Manuel Santana were there to tell us all about it. The competitors for this year’s event are John McEnroe (USA), Yannick Noah (France), Mats Wilander (Sweden), Sebastian Grosjean (France), Younes el Aynaoul (Morrocco) and Albert Costa (Spain).

José Bernal said “‘It is an honour for Marbella to be holding such a prestigious event. It is a unique opportunity and a priviledge to see and enjoy internationally famous tennis legends like John McEnroe, Yannick Noah and Mats Wilander here in Marbella.” 

“We are hoping the Senior Masters Cup will become one of the most important social and sporting events in Marbella’s calendar” said Albert Costa, the director of this year’s tournament.

All the action and the social and sporting events associated with this tournament will be held at the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. José Manzur, Puente Romano’s Director General said “It is a great honour for Puente Romano to be holding an important event like the Seniors Masters Cup”.

The matches will be played in the evening at 19.00 and 21.00. and it will be televised on Teledeporte (TVE). During the day, attendees and sponsors will be able to enjoy the benefits of Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. 


Thursday 22 September
19.00 Match 1 – Sebastian Grosjean vs Younes El Aynaoui
21.00 Match 2 – Mats Wilander vs Yannick Noah

Friday 23 September
19.00 Match 3 Albert Costa vs  Winner of Match 1
21.00 Match 4 John McEnroe v Winner of Match 2

Saturday 24 September
21.00 FINAL Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4

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