Sandra Meiland exhibition in Marbella

“Farbreisen”, an exhibition presenting the work of Sandra Meiland, opened on Friday 18 September at the Kasser Rassu Gallery here on Marbella´s Golden Mile – opposite the Marbella Club. The exhibition will run until Wednesday 14 October.

Marbella’s art aficonardos were out in force, along with members of the press, to see this new exhibition. The turnout, as always at Kasser Rassu, was wonderful and we had another opportunity to see old friends, enjoy a cocktail and meet the artist. was of course there to bring you the best images and talk to Sandra Meiland about her views and unique methods.

Sandra Meiland 060

Sandra Meiland 053

Sandra was born in Germany, but she visited Marbella a number of times when she was young. She now enjoys coming here with her own children. She loves visiting new places and her art reflects her experiences – not as she sees them, but as she thinks them. When she explores an area, she visualizes the colours and sees the picture forming in her mind to express what she is seeing, transforming the colours and cultures of the countries she visits into her abstract paintings.

Living in Andalucía as we do, it was clear to see from her paintings the passion and the bright colours she puts into her art. The paintings are large and bold, but have a three dimensional effect.

Sandra Meiland 040

Sandra Meiland 003

We asked Sandra about her technique. She told us ” I use varnish and ink. It moves differently from paint. And I never use brushes. With brushwork, you have to be exact. I like to use scrapers, twigs, leaves, anything to give a different texture to the painting and therefore depth.”

We asked her if she ever added items to her paintings from her visits. She said “Yes, I love to use shells. And my most favourite is ‘sea glass’ which is beautiful here.”

We would certainly recommend an early visit to this exhibition. The paintings are selling well and most of the buyers can’t wait to take them home with them. So, don’t delay! Or you could miss out!!!

Sandra Meiland 042

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