The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week5)

Auntie Teresa! Fancy another woman prime minister – well at least she will keep No 10 clean and tidy! Seriously though, you can always rely on Wikipedia to produce some important and interesting facts about the person who is leading the country – her height is 1.72m – well I can now go to bed rest assured that she is above 1.70m and we will be safe in her hands!

This week I managed to escape for the day; so I did what most Marbelli’s like to do in the summer and headed off to Tarifa. The journey is really quick, within 1.30 hrs we had stopped, bought previsions and were on the beach enjoying the Atlantic breeze.

Anna 2 5 1

Tarifa is a beach lover’s paradise. Fine clean sand, waves and a big enough beach to accommodate everyone, not even the Germans have invented big enough sun towels to reserve the whole area so even if you don’t arrive early, there is plenty of space to set up a base and enjoy the sand and surf!

Accommodation is usually fully booked in July and August, so if you want to stay the night, one of the few options available is camping – a feat I can only muster up the courage to do when the kids hassle me into it and tempt me with wine!

Anyway, tanned topped up, the familiar burning sensation creeping in and more wrinkles when I’m older, it was time to head back to Marbella just in time to get changed and drive to the Seal concert that I had been desperate to attend.

Wow – He’s so cool and my absolute hero; I used to think that if only I could sing, change colour, swap genders and grow another 17 cm (okay so I’m not as tall as Teresa May) I would be just like him!

Anna 2 5 2

Having started with a bang, singing one of my favourite songs- Crazy, he interacted with the audience, sang amongst the crowd and made a girl blush by telling her how beautiful she was – we were all dying to see what she looked like when the lights went up at the end!

There are so many concerts down here this year; I would love to go and see The Corrs and Alejandro Sanz but the one that has really caught my attention is Charles Aznavour- really? He was old when I was really young so please could someone find out what keeps him looking so good at 92yrs old because I could really do with getting some of whatever it is for myself!

Anyway, talking of getting old, see you all next week with accounts of my upcoming birthday (49 11/10 this year), a copy of the separation papers if Chris doesn’t get me a present and more of my useless opinions and updates on the summer here.

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