The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week4)

‘Brexit’ or as Chris likes to call it ‘we’re doomed’ has now become a dirty word within our household and any discussion has to be held outside on the terrace with a stiff vodka and tonic! Only current updates are allowed but luckily he is working till really late so we don’t have time to discuss the ins and outs of UK politics or Formula 1.

Talking of husbands, as all of you might have noticed that until now I haven’t mentioned him in any derogatory form for a few weeks, that’s because he said he would pay my credit card bill but now it’s paid – game on!

Mind you, after this weekend I think my son is also in for a bit of stick. Tom was supposed to be coming home on Saturday but when I received this picture, thoughtfully taken by Tom from airport security at 11.17, I gathered he was undoubtedly about to miss his flight at 11.25 – but my ever hopeful son insisted it would be fine; bless him I tried to tell him that going through security eight minutes before the flight was due to take off wouldn’t work but he didn’t listen. The picture on the right was sent to me at 11.29 whilst he was looking at the plane after the doors had closed, sent with a caption underneath saying, “I can’t believe it, they won’t ……. let me on the plane” – really Tom?!

Anna 2 4 1

Anna 2 4 2

Anyway enough about my daft son – Last week I promised to discuss different adventures to do around Marbella and a question I always get asked from visitors coming down to the coast is, “what is there is to do on the sea here?”, so this week I thought I would explore a few of the water based activities that are on offer during the summer.

Amongst a long list of adventures from Whale watching in Gibraltar to Sea Kayaking at Victors Beach or sunset cruises in Puerto Banus, the latest trend is based around the infamous jetskiing

Jetskis have been a part of life on the coast for many years, evolving from a simple stand up device to a super powered dream machine, but now the latest fad to hit the Mediterranean waves appears to be the ‘Flyboard’. This contraption, which can be rented in various beaches near Puerto Banus, attaches to your feet via a long cable and uses the jet propulsion of any watercraft to thrust you up into the air like Superman with boots!

The only word I can use to describe this experience is Awesome! Check out the video.

Would I do this? Yes probably, even at 49 10/10th but this is one bit of fun that is quite pricey, starting at 95 euros for 15 minutes.  So until I win the lottery, when someone waves at you from a little pedalo out at sea, wave back because there’s a good chance it might be me!

See you all next week with more of my useless opinions and an update on my upcoming daytrip to Tarifa.

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