The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week2)

Well just as I thought we were nearing the end of the Brexit countdown, the gods turned against me and began televising the UEFA Cup!

So between the football every day and a load of politicians arguing like children in a playground, my TV has been taken over- I say bring back Champion the Wonder Horse! They don’t make programs like that nowadays; there’s always a happy ending, unlike England’s chances in the cup!

Anna 2 2 1

Talking of the football, I actually find Spanish commentary quite amusing, the rolled R’s are so exaggerated, it’s as if they are trying to roll the ball along the ground with every word uttered and you’re never really sure whether the commentator is about to go into cardiac arrest as Spain nears the goal! (At least if he did, it would make the whole thing a little more exciting!)

So – anyway back to my visit to the UK, my biggest surprise was being met at the airport with this car for the weekend!

Anna 2 2 2

An Aston Martin DB9 convertible, my dream car and the perfect accessory to cruise around the heart of England and ferry my homemade picnic to Stowe Speech Day! I like to explore new places when I travel to England so we chose to stay in a ‘picture perfect’ village near the school called Stoke Bruerne. Centered around the famous Grand Union Canal, the cottages are made of Cotswold stone and having noticed on the website there were two pubs- my decision was made. In retrospect a wise decision after having sat through two hours of speeches (thank you Savannah for conveniently having a fives match and arriving for the last five minutes!) and trying to sound intellectual amongst the ‘Fortnum’s’ brigade!

Anna 2 2 3

Walking alongside the canal was a real treat, Savannah didn’t quite see what I was so excited about and I didn’t like to tell her that in all my years living in the UK, I had never seen a barge or a canal close up. We walked along the canal side, talked to some of the barge owners who were selling their homemade jewellery or stained glass paintings and got to appreciate why the English countryside is so beautiful. And then in true British style went to eat at the local Indian!! After a lovely weekend, I put Sav on the train to London, sadly kissed the Aston goodbye and flew back home just in time to do another motherly duty – take my son to the Marbella Feria.

Anna 2 2 4

Here is Hilton with my friends children, just before we went on the playground rides ( I say we but I chickened out!) The feria is an experience that everyone has to try once, it’s like Marmite – you either love it or hate it! As Marbella’s biggest event of the year, a lot of time and money is put into the preparation and planning to ensure that the week is full of events, shows and most importantly drinking and eating in true Spanish style! Tents ‘Casetas’ are set up serving typical feria food which is actually delicious, although I’m not convinced ‘health and safety’ would have the same opinion!

Anna 2 2 5

It’s a fun night out, however Chris managed to squirm his way out of coming as promised so he owes me big time – I’m thinking expensive dinner out or a few nights away (without him)!!!

See you all next week when I will be giving my humble opinion of the Brexit outcome and updates on Marbella in the summer season.

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