The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week1)

I’m so excited to be back – I was desperately running out of excuses why I couldn’t sit and chat for hours with Chris debating the new rules in Formula 1 or the painstaking politics of Brexit!

I have decided that the Brexit vote on whether to stay in Europe or not, is a little like the old rhyming song The Hokey Cokey – first we’re in and then we’re out, in …out …in….out….. Boris Johnson on the other hand, was more direct, he put his right leg in, shook it all about, decided he didn’t like it, turned around and opted out!

Anna 2 1 1

First I need to update you all on the last few months. My diet and exercise regime has definitely not been going well, unless of course carbs and a heavy dose of catch up TV count? But most importantly the love of my life – yes my baby dog Nahla is all grown up and we are now training for our first obedience exam. Good obedience trainers are difficult to find on the coast so after a lot of research I found a police dog trainer in Torremolinos. This sort of training is not for the faint hearted and anyone wanting to pursue this route – be prepared to get shouted at and feel like you’re a rookie in the army; not even the “U” grade I got in my French GCSE resulted in as big a telling off as a minor mistake I make in dog training does!

Anna 2 1 2

I never realised how in depth and complicated schooling a dog could be but I am now hooked on getting the best results I can. In comparison I feel it is quite similar to life with Chris in a way; prepare food once a day, leave the leash loose if he behaves and have treats at the ready when when he does what I ask him!

Talking of our furry friends, over the last few weeks I have also been volunteering to walk the abandoned dogs at Adana, an animal shelter near Estepona. They do a fabulous job and are desperate for people to go up there on the weekends and take the dogs out for half an hour or so. Anyone is welcome, so please go up and offer some help as they are charity run and rely on volunteers, trust me – there are quite a few dogs to walk! Below is one of my favourites, who would have thought Steve McQueen had been reincarnated and living in Estepona!

Anna 2 1 3

Next week I will be heading off to the UK for the annual Speech Day shenanigans at Stowe. As one of the biggest events in the school calendar, the after speech picnic has become an occasion not to be missed. So with the Fortnum & Mason hampers rearing their ugly heads, the pressure is on to perfect my Crab and Asparagus quiche and show the English that a Marbelli can actually make a proper Spanish tortilla – even if I do have to deliver it in a cardboard box!

See you all next week with updates on my travels and a fresh look at Marbella as the summer season officially begins.

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