The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week 6)

This week has been busy, busy, busy. My birthday celebrations kicked off a hectic week and Chris managed to escape the separation papers when he presented me with a pair of diamond earrings. Oh I do love that man – once a year!

Then with guests arriving in their droves, it was time to work out how to entertain them. Marbellis are reasonably adventurous, but we do like to avoid the more touristy places in the summer however, curiosity got the better of me when I noticed a big red double decker bus as I was driving my friends past Puerto Banus. The old dusty car park next to the main road (mainly used during high season for the overload of visitors) had been converted into a Pop up food stall market, serving anything from Street food to Thai and Vegetarian delicacies. 

Now this was something I would be interested in; new…different….and cheaper than the other option suggested of a suspended dinner in the air on a platform held up by a crane (as seen in the photo below.) Whilst it might be a trendy idea, my thought pattern began with the usual -What if I want to go to the toilet or the cable snaps and ended up with not a chance, I haven’t finished the will yet!

Anna 2 6 1

So off we went towards the new food market, stopping on the way to look around the famous Puerto Banus tents (pop up stalls) and see what goodies there were on offer. The tents are only temporary and are allowed to open between June and September, selling anything from Moroccan lamps to kids toys.

Anna 2 6 2

Anna 2 6 3

And if you get bored shopping for the latest beach outfit or a copper lantern, there is always the option of sticking your face through a hole and turning into a Mexican or a Matador – like I insisted my friends did!

Anna 2 6 4

Eventually we arrived at “EatinBanus” as I discovered it was called by all the massive advertising outside. Stall upon stall of different types of food to try and a stage to listen to some live music – we picked the Elton John night! So it was back to Bennie and the Jets along with Mexican enchiladas and a Thai salad and I got to go on the big red bus!

Anna 2 6 5

Eat In Banus is only open until the 21st August, so get down there before it’s too late, dogs are allowed too so take your pooch and let them enjoy Puerto Banus with you.

Anyway I’m off to watch Rio – not the movie! Come on Team GB – we want some golds. See you next week with more Marbella news, a trip to Estepona market, the summer fair in Benahavis and more attempts at trying to get fit.

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