The return of the Marbelli (Year2/Week3)

When life gets a little monotonous down here in Marbella, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned British referendum to liven things up! You could have knocked me over with a feather when the final results came in.

To be fair it didn’t help having Estonian guests at the house, I swear they looked at me as if I had been the one voting 17,000,000 times! And even though I didn’t vote, feeling guilty, I reacted in the only way that felt fit for the situation – get the beer out and talk about the Russians!

Fancy us not being in the EU any longer, it’s like losing an annoying neighbour who irritates you to bits but is always available when you need to borrow the hedge strimmer or rely on his extension cable. I believe there is only one way to get through all the turmoil of the EU exit – chocolate, Willy Wonka for Prime Minister! 

Anna 2 3 1

Having come to the conclusion we must be strong and fearless to face ‘Brexit’, this weekend I decided to start by conquering one of my biggest fears and headed up to the Chorro lakes where I walked the dreaded ‘Camino del Rey’ (The Kings Pathway).

Anna 2 3 2

This famous path, allocated around the gorge, sits 100 metres high and in some parts overhangs the river below (as seen in the photo). Built in 1901 as a way to ferry workers and materials between two hydroelectric plants, the pathway was refurbished in 2015 after some parts collapsed and is now a huge tourist attraction down here.

We were given helmets to wear (they said no to the parachute I asked for) and a quick briefing on safety procedures before heading off on the 3km wooden trek. I have to be honest and say that any gallantry deluded me as the walkways became narrower and I did end up crawling like a baby in some parts, in fact if it hadn’t of been for my friends pushing me along, I would probably have adopted the foetal position until help arrived!

Anna 2 3 3

Up until 2015, there was no fencing around the walkways but having decided they didn’t really want to kill all the tourists, the Spanish have now put a 1.5 mt fence all around the walk for added safety.

The views of the gorge and the river below are breath-taking, and many thrill seekers (I call them mad people) sit and eat a picnic whilst perched cross legged on the overhang. For me though, food was clearly not on the list, I was too busy trying to erase Vertical Limit and Cliffhanger from my mind – why do I watch these movies?

I can now look back though and say that I have done the Camino del Rey – have I conquered my fear of heights? I’ll leave that for you to guess! Seriously though, if there are some mountaineers or adventure enthusiasts reading, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

See you all next week with more of my useless opinions and a look at other adventures to do in and around Marbella during the summer season.

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