The return of the Marbelli (Year 2/Week 9)

Well, it’s been another busy few weeks. San Pedro feria came and went as quick as you can say Ant and Dec, Halloween was not half as scary as Donald Trump winning the election.

I finally made a trip to Barcelona to see where my son has been living for the past year and my Christmas shopping is zooming ahead!


Fancy Trumpy winning the election, becoming the 45th President of the United States and selecting Mad Dog as part of his defence team – fantastic! I think it’s hilarious, I needed a good laugh especially as the cold winter nights are settling in!

Talking of which, I have two confessions to make; 1. I am really loving X Factor this season and 2. Don’t tell Chris but I splashed out on a gorgeous super soft fleece jogging suit to lounge around home in, in fact it feels so nice, all I want to do is cuddle myself! Well, how else do you sit and watch I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?!

My trip to Barcelona was much better than I had expected, combining beach life with all the perks of living in a cultural and artistic city seems the perfect place for Tom to live. I was pleasantly surprised to see where he lives; having been told about the cockroaches dropping on his house mates head, rats residing in the bathroom and the discovery of a hidden panel in his bedroom (that has no windows by the way!) I had imagined something from the Body Snatchers movie, but to my huge relief the house was in better shape and cleaner than I anticipated, although I’m still not sure I would spend a night alone there!



These are just some of the wonderful sculptures that can be seen as you walking around. Every corner of the city is adorned with some type of artwork, even the graffiti is a work of art. But to be honest I am not much of a sightseer or museum goer so when I was dragged round the Picasso museum with my friend Jilly, I learnt a new art – the ability to hide among large tour groups until Jilly was out of sight and then vanish through the exit door to the nearest bar!


I had to put this photo up, a final shopping day before I left!

I can’t believe it- less than three weeks until Father Christmas brings our presents down the chimney. He does bring the presents down the chimney doesn’t he?
The lead up to Christmas has certainly not been as festive as we would have all liked here in Marbella, especially on Sunday morning when I decided that whoever wrote the song The Rain in Spain, with the lyrics “the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane” has definitely never visited Spain!



But never underestimate the determination of some shoppers who always find a way to get their shopping done early!


This kayaker was certainly keen to get those Christmas bargains!
Anyway see you next time for more Christmas updates.
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