Registering for Social Security

If you are in receipt of a UK pension and you live in Spain, you should obtain an S1 form (previously E121). This form is required to register with a state doctor here in Spain. You should then take it to the INSS office in your area (in central Marbella, this is in Plaza Leganitos 5) along with the following documents (with copies of each):

1) Passport
2) Residencia (green NIE)
3) Marriage certificate (if applicable)
4) Empadronamiento (it must be dated within the last 3 months)

Present the papers and they will probably tell you that you will receive a paper in the mail, they may give you on the spot it depends on the office. Once you receive the document ‘ document acreditativo del derecho a la asistencia sanitaria’ (this is a very important document take a copy and keep safe)

Then go to the healthcare centre ( in central Marbella this is in the same place as above) to register with a doctor. Take the document you have just received along with the above 1-4 and copies (just in case always better to have to many copies and documents with you than have to return) They will register you on the system and allocate a doctor to you. They will give you ‘certificacion de datos’ paper with all the details relating to you.

You need to keep this document safe along with the document you received in the post from the INSS office and take this with you when you see the doctor or go to the hospital until you receive your official social security card in the post.

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