Prueba Campeonato España Andaluz – Jetski Championships

The sun came up on Fontanilla Beach on Saturday morning to welcome the Spanish Jetski Championships (Prueba Campeonato España Andaluz). On Saturday May 6, we had circuit racing and on Sunday May 7 there was rallyjet.

 About 100 participants from Spain, Portugal and Morocco took part in this sport scoring for the championships.

José Bernal (the Mayor of Marbella) encouraged people to gather on the beach and on the Paseo Maritimo to enjoy the show. It has had a great media impact throughout Spain and it again brings Marbella to the forefront. was of course there to bring you the images.

The paseo and the beach was lined with people enjoying the show. Saturday was circuit day, when the riders demonstrated their skills sweeping past the buoys. The spray and the speed was amazing to watch. How they don’t turn over is beyond me!!! Jetskis zigzaging in and out and take advantage of the straights to show off their speed.

Sunday was rallyjet day – a test of resistance between machine and the sea over a two mile long circuit.

It was once again, a great weekend here in Marbella.

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