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The Farm – a hidden gem in Marbella’s old town

Plaza Altamirano 3, 29601 Marbella
Tel: +34 952 822 557
Opening Times: Daily 12.00 - 23.00
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Marbella’s old town has many hidden treasures. I’m sure many of us have walked through the streets and wondered just what lies behind the imposing wooden doors of some of these old houses.

Here, we tell you about one of them – and it will answer some of your questions. It is located in the Plaza del Altamirano – a must see for all residents and visitors to Marbella’s old town

The Farm (also known as El Pozo Viejo) is located in a very special house in Marbella’s old town. It was originally built in the 16th century and it was the home of Marbella’s first Mayor. Owners Maria and Elio have established a restaurant in this historic building, enabling visitors to experience their passion for gastronomy.

But, this house is much more than just a restaurant. Inside, you can still see the splendour of the original building with its sturdy wooden beams and the original hand painted ceramics along the staircase leading to the upper floor – which still houses a small chapel.

Maria and Elio told us “visitors are sometimes reluctant to enter the building, thinking they will have to eat or drink”, but this isn’t the case. They are very welcome if they just want to experience this unique building.

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And the “secret garden” beyond the facade of this wonderful building is an absolute must. Very few houses still have this typically Andalucian patio and courtyard. The sign outside says “Come and visit our Secret Garden”. With love and much hard work, the owners have restored this courtyard to its previous glory. Originally, the courtyard was used to stable the horses and it still retains the original pozo viejo (the old well) which was used to supply drinking water for all local residents in the neighbourhood.

The “Secret Garden” is an enclosed private and magical area – a hidden gem that doesn´t disappoint. The plants and flowers have been carefully selected and placed to give the effect of a wild garden established by mother nature herself. A giant palm, jasmine and a honeysuckle tumbling and climbing, fills the air with the fragrance we all associate with summer in Marbella.

Mint, basil and thyme fill the senses and calm the soul. The Farm’s whole ethos is a farm in the heart of the town. So, along with fruit and vegetables, there are also the “happy bunnies” – not for the pot, but for children and adults who love to enjoy these happy pets. The bourganvilla here is spectacular and it covers one of the back walls and climbs right up to the first floor.

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I remember the first time I saw this wonderful courtyard. We all stood on the steps leading down to the well, transfixed that this was hidden behind the imposing front door.

Don’t miss this opportunity! You will always be welcomed by Maria and Elio. They speak several languages and they will be delighted to invite you in to enjoy their hidden gem.

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The Farm – a hidden gem in Marbella’s old town

Plaza Altamirano 3, 29601 Marbella