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Puerto Deportivo Marbella

Marbella´s Puerto Deportivo (Marina) is in the centre of town, off of the Paseo Maritimo. During the day, you can enjoy a morning coffee or a leisurely lunch at one of the many cafés and restaurants or take a stroll past the many boats moored there.

If you bring some bread, you can feed the fish swimming in the harbour. The water is so clear here, it´s easy to see them. It really is a lovely place to relax. It is also a hive of activity during the evenings.

At the entrance to the Puerto Deportivo, in front of the Club Maritimo, there is a statue of the Virgen del Carmen (the patron saint of fishermen). When it was built in 1956, the port consisted of a small jetty with an area where boats could anchor and the occupants had to come on land in a dingy – see the photograph below taken around around that time.

In 1957 the Marbella Sailing Club was founded, right at the beginning of the stone pier, which was lengthened to create a sea wall in 1976. Architect Alberto Diaz Fraga designed a port with jetties and business premises. It was completed in 1980.

Since then, the port has undergone many improvements and it is now one of the key areas of Marbella with well over a hundred boats moored there and a number of cafés, restaurants and night clubs providing great tapas, fine dining and entertainment.

Like most ports, Marbella´s Puerto Deportivo wears two hats – daytime and night time. During the day, it is a wonderful place for a stroll where you can admire the boats, relax, meet people or watch the world go by. On Sunday mornings (autumn to spring) and early to late evening on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer, there is a craft market in the Puerto Deportivo where local artisans sell mostly hand made good. This is very popular as the crafts on sale are extremely diverse. Even those who visit the market regularly will usually find something new.

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During the weekends in winter and throughout the summer months, you will always find people on the beaches either side of the Puerto Deportivo. The Playa el Faro is extremely popular with families. There are plenty of water activities on offer at the Puerto Deportivo, including diving, paragliding, jet skiing, pleasure boat hire, boat charters and much more. The municipal company also offers mooring, fuel and boatyard repair services for the 377 berths available.

If you walk around to the other side of the marina, you can take the ferry to Puerto Banús. There are also quite a few luxury yachts around this side and great views back to the town and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. At the very end of the harbour, you will find a little shrine holding a beautiful statue of the Virgen del Carmen. Standing on this little jetty, you can appreciate just how clear the water is here. You will often find people sitting on the large rocks dipping their toes in the wáter whilst watching the sailing boats, jetskis and pleasure boats going in and out of the harbour.

In the early evening, the Puerto Deportivo is the place for cocktails. The bars are very buzzy – even in the off season. Some of the clubs open around midnight, so don’t be put off if they look closed. A few venues have live music and there will be lots of dancing. Have fun!

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Puerto Deportivo Marbella