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Puerto Deportivo de Cabopino

Puerto Deportivo de Cabopino is 12 kilometres east of Marbella’s town centre. It’s a surprise to most who visit it, because it is quite rural here with no high buildings and the pine forest goes right down to the beach.

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To the west of the port, next to the sand dunes, you will find La Torre Ladrones (the Thieves Tower). It is 15 meters tall and it is the highest coastal lookout tower in the Malaga region. The architecture and the materials used to build the tower suggest it was built during the period of Arab domination. Its function was clearly defensive. From its priviledged position, it is possible to see along the coast to Marbella, Gibraltar and Africa.

Artola beach, to the west of Puerto Cabopino, is well sheltered and protected from the elements. The artificial reefs on either side of the beach keep the waves and wind at bay. The beach’s gentle slope into the sea makes it extremely child friendly and safe. The sand here is well maintained and clean. There is also a clothing optional beach known as la Playa de la Dunas-Carib. This is the only section of beach in Marbella that is backed by extensive natural sand dunes and the Dunas de Artola is a protected monument.

There are a number of Chiringuitos along this stretch of beach renowned for their quality and value for money. There are also beautiful camp sites in the Puerto Cabopino area. This is a relatively cheap alternative to Marbella´s hotels and apartments and is becoming more and more popular. They are set in stunning surroundings and offer full facilities. You will find more information about these sites on our Camping & Hostels post. There are also a number of golf courses in the area. Puerto Cabopino also offers a wide range of water sports, restaurants and entertainment.

Although smaller than most of the ports along this coast. Puerto Cabopino has a great deal to offer with its attractive architecture and its relaxed feel. During the day, it is more tranquil than most ports and you can wander to the end of the jetty and experience some great views of the coast. There are plenty of places to enjoy a light lunch and a cool drink or an evening meal. The restaurants and tapas bars offer a wide variety of cuisines. And there are many more located in the square behind the harbour buildings. The bars and restaurants become very busy during the evenings with everyone enjoying cocktails, food and entertainment. There is also a good selection of shops at the outdoor mall in Elviria.







Puerto Deportivo de Cabopino