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Parque del Calvario

Parque del Calvario is a little known jewel in the heart of Marbella. It is a beautiful and peaceful park, hidden behind the Calvario Church on the same road as Marbella’s main Post Office.
Just when you think you know everything there is to know about our home town, Marbella sneaks up and surprises you with a hidden gem!

Just off Avenida Ricardo Soriano, up the hill to the road where the post office is (Camino del Calvario) past the church (Iglesia Santo Cristo del Calvario) on the left you will find an enchanting park called Parque del Calvario. Not many years ago what is now a beautiful park was just a hill in the countryside that led to the foot of the ancient Chapel of Calvario.

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This park is quite different in that is has been designed around the rock garden theme by landscape architect Miguel Angel Vico. The Bonsai museum nearby has the same landscape theme. In El Calvario park everything is carefully selected and positioned to blend into the natural surroundings, and the mountainous backdrop.

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This park is really worth a visit as it’s unique style and landscape are unlike anything you will have experienced in a park before. It is an oasis of calm and tranquility amongst the bustle of Marbella.

Post and images by photographer Derek Evans

Parque del Calvario