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Mijas Costa & Pueblo

Mijas has a privileged position between the sea and the mountains, making it one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol. Mijas Pueblo is one of the most charming white-washed villiages in Andalusia about 430 metres above sea level. Mijas Costa is the commercial and residential area to the west of Fuengirola on the Mediterranean coast.

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Wandering through the narrow cobbled streets of the village, you can understand what has attracted foreigners to settle here over the years. Many artists and writers have made it their home, enjoying the benefits of an excellent all year round climate, without being part of the busier, more commercial coastal towns.

Famous for its Donkey carriages or taxis, or horse drawn carriages or maybe you would prefer a Tuk-Tuk which is a recent addition to getting around the hills of Mijas. Beautifully kept gardens at the top of the village, where there are still some of the fortress walls of the ancient village. At this privileged point of the coast, you take in panoramic views of the surrounding areas and the Mediterranean. There are of bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from. Enjoy hiking through the Sierra de Mijas and mountain sports in general, or golf at one of the many golf courses.

The Ermita de la Virgen de la Pena is a hidden gem in Mijas and well worth a visit. This little chapel has been hollowed out of the rock by a lone Carmelite monk in the 17th century. One stone gargoyle guards the entrance, the inside is magical candels light the way across the rough floor to a few very ornate benches, daily the chapel is festooned with fresh flowers.

The best way to enjoy Mijas is to walk the town, the tourist office will give you a map that points out all the key sites which include.
The unusual ovalshaped bullring, The folk museum where you can see where ‘the mole of Mijas’ lived – read this facinating story click here. The miniatures museum which has treasures you will not want to miss, plazas to rest and enjoy a cool drink and don’t miss Calle San Sebastian one of the prettiest streets in Mijas. You are guaranteed a welcome in Mijas from all the residents.

Mijas Costa

Mijas has a large coastline approximately 12 Km including La Cala de Mijas. You can enjoy seafood cuisine and Mediterranean hospitality along with countless sports; paragliding, hang gliding, scuba diving,  Mijas also has a water park, which is great fun for all ages. La Cala de Mijas has a thriving night scene during the summer months, Saturday nights are magical in La Cala. The promenade becomes a venue for classical music and flamenco dancing. With the outline of the old 18th-century watchtower of Torre Vieja as a backdrop which has been recently restored.

Click here for the fascinating story of the  “Mole of Mijas”

Mijas Costa & Pueblo