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King Abdul Aziz Mosque Marbella

This beautiful Arabian temple overlooks the Golden Mile, just west of Marbella’s town centre located in the Urbanization Las Lomas del Marbella Club. 

It was inaugurated on July 31, 1981 to correspond with the date 1401 in the Islamic calendar. This important date is because ‘The Hijri’ translated to English/Spanish as Hegira. Marking a quintessential point in Islamic history, Muhammad’s migration to Medina.

The work of architect Juan Mora Urbano, from Cordoba. The mosque has a capacity for more than 800 believers, built on a level hill, surrounded by splendid gardens creating an environment that is conducive to tranquility and spiritual recollection. In addition to the central nave for religious worship, it consists of the dwelling for the imam and servers and includes a magnificent library.

Overlooking the Mediterranean and next to the A-7 road, it is 4 kilometers from the center of Marbella. It is divided into areas to accomodate 600 male Muslims, to practice prayer and in its center are the “Mihrab” (temple) and the “Minbar” (pulpit) and on both sides, right and left, exclusive rooms for women, linked by stairs that lead to the main door for women and the place for ablutions.

The elevation of its roof is culminated by a dome in the center of the Mosque, 12 meters in diameter, surrounded by 24 windows with multicolored crystals, achieving magnificent lighting.

A bronze lamp of 500 kg and 130 lamps, original work of the second century of the Hegira, handmade in Fez, Morocco, by a craftsman of Andalusian origin, hangs from the center of the ceiling.

The library covers an area of ​​225 m2 with capacity for more than thirty thousand volumes that deal especially on the subject of Islam, Arab-Andalusian literature, history and civilization in Muslim times. Numerous students and researchers find in it ample information to prepare their dissertations and doctoral theses.


King Abdul Aziz Mosque Marbella