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Artola Dunes Cabopino

Artola Dunes can be found to the west of the Puerto Deportivo de Cabopino in Marbella. They are the province’s most important sand dunes and they are now open to the public.

There are information boards explaining the environmental importance of the dunes. Work having now been completed to build a series of 5 elevated walkways protecting 30 hectares of the dunes from erosion.

The sand on the dunes needs to be able to move in order for them to maintain their own ecosystem and this was being destroyed by beach-goers who had created more than 100 informal paths through the area as access routes to the beaches.

A very early partly restored square plan watch tower bears testament to this and is also called Torre Ladrones watch tower. For those interested in the watchtowers that form a chain along this this coast, the square based ones are the oldest and of Moorish origin, the round based ones were constructed in the nineteenth century.

Artola Dunes Cabopino