Pablo Melgar

Pablo Melgar is one of the best saxophonists in Spain. He is also known internationally. Pablo studied the saxophone from the age of ten at the Conservatory of Music in Málaga.

Whilst there, he combined his musical studies with the practical experience of playing in the youth band “Miraflores Gibraljaire”. This helped him develop as a classical saxophonist.

In 1999, he left the band and took time out from his saxophone. He spent a period of time concentrating on different instruments – strings, percussion, keyboards, etc. This gave him a broader view of performance, composition and arrangement.

In 2004, he collaborated with a number of reggae groups,.including Wise House Crew (Málaga), Max Romeo (Jamaica) and Leroy Onestone (Granada-Caribbean). Two years later, he was playing live in clubs and combining his jazz, soul and funk influences to achieve his own brand of house music. After two years as a saxophonist in Fame (Puerto Marina and Sierra Nevada). he arrived in Puerto Banús (Marbella) and became the resident saxophonist at Seven and  Funky Budhha.

Pablo Melgar 168

In 2010, having performed at many venues, including Buddha Beach (Puerto Banús), Olivia Valere (Marbella), Heaven (Estepona), Ocean Club (Puerto Banús), News Café (Puerto Banús), Buddha Bar (Marbella) Nikki Beach (Marbella), Dolce Vita (Almería), Sala Theater (Almeria) and Theatre (Alicante), he moved to London. There, he worked as a resident in the Amadeus Night Club in Rochester. He was working on the production of house music and collaborating with artists such as Sergio Falomir (London), Bruce Baps (Paris), Julio Cuba (Cuba), Kike Navarro (Spain), Dean Michaels (Miami), Eduardo Reyes (Marbella) Mark Strutton (London) and Sergio Gallegos (Alicante).

He returned to Spain in 2012 and one of his songs got to number three on the FM Chart51 for 9 consecutive weeks with Maximum Honey theme made with Dario Nunez and José AM.

Pablo Melgar 171

In the summer of 2013, he performed regularly at Nikki Beach in Marbella, Aqwa Mist in Puerto Banús, La Sala Group and News Café in Puerto Banús, besides being immersed in the production of his own style surrounded by producers like Junior Dacosta, Dani Vars and Stacey James.

When asked about his influences, Pablo said “I don’t think I could define my style, I have my own. I don’t believe in the purity of a style. This is the reason that I am interested in the fusion of electronic music with other styles and mixes which consequently give rise to creating new rhythms.”

This year, Pablo has regularly performed at Nikki Beach, Les Cubes, Lemmon and Aqwa Mist. The above images are of him performing at a charity event at the Boardwalk in Marbella.

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