“Objects of Desire” exhibition at Kasser Rassu

The Kasser Rassu Gallery on Marbella’s “Golden Mile” invited art lovers to the opening of their latest exhibition by L E Art Côtier entitled “Objects of Desire” on Friday 26 August. As usual, MarbellaAzul.com was there to find out what it was all about and provide images of some of the art on display.

The exhibition is a merger of two artists, Luis Torroba and Elena Orad, both of whom were there to discuss this Marbella inspired pop art exhibition with those who attended the event.

We spoke to Luis Torroba, a very warm and charismatic gentleman, who said his work aims to bring us in when we look at the images, drawing us into the objects with gestures and invoking the feelings we all have when confronted by “objects of desire”. Well, the art certainly did “pop”. They are very bold and expressive,  with a vivid use of colours and textures.

We suggest you go along and enjoy the exhibition. As always, you will be made very welcome at Kasser Rassu.

Kasser Rassu (51)

Luis is a set designer and art director for films, theatre and television who started his long and distinguished career as a painter in 1976. Amongst his many accomplishments, he was stage director of the play “Do not forget to kill me” by Emilio R. Barrachina, artistic director of the short “Little perfect crimes” in 2006 and the television documentary “Death of Federico G. Lorca”.

In 1985 he decided to devote himself fully to the art plastic and the world of culture and performing arts, becoming a cultural broker between Spain and the various countries of the Maghreb, includiong Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania.

In 1988 he was selected and invited by the Sociedad de Artistas y Pintores de Francia (Society of Artists and Painters of France) and La Academia de la Bellas Artes Francesa (the French Academy of Fine Arts) to exhibit his work in the 65 Saló de Artistas Meridionales (Hall of Southern Artists).

Kasser Rassu (64)

Kasser Rassu (20)

Elena began her career during the renovation of the Teatro Eslava in Madrid. Since then, she has been involved with the renovation, design and execution of the headquarters of major companies, including Universal Studios Music Spain, Seguros Genesis, Hotel Velazquez and Hotel Osuna, as well as private residences in Madrid and Mexico. Elena has a number of paintings and sculptures in these offices and in various private collections.

During the 1980s, she had many solo and group exhibitions in Veracruz, Mexico.

Kasser Rassu (78)

Kasser Rassu (79)

Kasser Rassu (80)

Kasser Rassu (84)

Kasser Rassu (82)

Kasser Rassu (83)

Kasser Rassu (87)

Kasser Rassu (89)

Kasser Rassu (88)

Kasser Rassu (85)

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