Nikki Rae

Nikki Rae is probably best known on the Costa del Sol for her tribute to Adele. She has loved singing from a very young age. She was just five years old when she starred in her school´s musical. And she has been singing ever since. She says “When I sing, I forget all the problems life throws at you. I’m at my happiest when I´m entertaining people.”

Like many of us, Nikki first came to Marbella when she was a child. And it has always held a special place in her heart. “To now be living and working here and doing what I love best is something very special.” Nikki performs at a number of places on the Costa del Sol, including La Sala Banús. She is probably best known here for her tribute to Adele, but she also performs songs from the 1960s to the present day and loves singing ballads and soul.

She has a very pure, clean voice and puts a lot of emotion into her songs. She has a great musical range and reaches every note with ease. She is a pleasure to listen to.

Excitingly, she has recently visited Geneva to record some original tracks with two well known musician/songwriters. She has already received interest from a well known record label and she will be heading back there this summer to record some more.

So, maybe we´ll be seeing her climbing the charts in the near future.

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