Nao Victoria visits Marbella

The Nao Victoria, a replica of the first ship to circumnavigate the world, has arrived in the Costa del Sol. It arrived in Marbella on Friday 15 April and it is currently moored at the Bajadilla marina, close to the fishing port.

It is due to leave on Sunday evening 17 April. While it is here, it will be open to the public. And there is much to learn about this famous carrack, which was part of a Spanish expedition commanded by the Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. was of course there to bring you the news and images.

Neo Victoria is a replica of the ship that, almost 500 years ago (1519 – 1522), accomplished the greatest maritime adventure of its time – the first circumnavigation of the world. One of the biggest acts of heroism in Spanish history.

It has visited a number of Spanish ports including Sanlúcar, Algeciras, Fuengirola, Almería, Cartagena, Alicante, Castellón and Alcudia. It has also attended a spectacular gathering of old ships from all over Europe at Escala à Sète in France.

This replica was constructed between 2004 and 2006. It is made of wood and it is a masterpiece of marine carpentry. It is just 27 metres long and 7 metres wide and it has so far visited 17 countries around the world.

The many visitors to her decks whilst in Marbella will have heard about the ship’s amazing history. Visiting the hold, they could see how it is crewed today and see how they travel the world on board this unique ship.

The mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, visited the ship on Friday 15 April, accompanied by the ship’s captain, Manuel Murube Fernández who explained all the particulars of the ship.

Nao Victoria 094

Nao Victoria 102

Nao Victoria 093

Nao Victoria 122

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