Michelin Star Restaurants in Marbella

There are currently fourteen Michelin Star restaurants in Andalucia and four of them are in Marbella. A Michelin Star is a universally acknowledged indicator of quality and it is awarded based on the design of dishes, presentation, flavours, textures, service, premises and the produce used. To become a Michelin Star restaurant, everything is taken into account. Here, we let you know what to expect from the Michelin star restaurants in Marbella.

What is a Michelin Star?

Michelin publishes restaurant reviews adopting a 0 – 3 star rating system. The major difference between Michelin’s rating system and others is that Michelin’s has all of its differentiation at the top end. Many food reviewers use a 0-4 or 0-5 star review system that has about equal numbers of restaurants at each rating, whereas the vast majority of restaurants get 0 stars from Michelin.

What do the stars mean?

Restaurants can be awarded one star (a very good restaurant), two stars (excellent cuisine and well worth a visit) or three stars (exceptional cuisine not to be missed).

So, what should you expect from a Michelin star restaurant? Undoubtedly, fine dining! Chefs will normally have their own philosophy and will have researched a wide range of products. They will have re-worked traditional recipes and invented new textures and flavours. A diner visiting a restaurant of this level will have a multi-sensory experience. You should expect to be satisfied by great tastes and a delicacy of flavours – savouring every bite!

The four Michelin Star restaurants in Marbella

Dani Garcia - Cocina con Tradición
Dani Garcia – Cocina con Tradición

The restaurant is located at the Hotel Puente Romano on Marbella’s golden mile in the hotel’s La Plaza cobblestoned square which overlooks the ancient Roman bridge. This restaurant is the personal project of Dani Garcia. Dani never rests. He is always seeking inspiration and he therefore creates the most innovative of tastes. He describes the restaurant as a “factory of illusions and a space for reflection”.

The Dani García Restaurant’s kitchen is brilliant, continuously reinventing and evolving, which is based on the philosophy of “think local and cook global”. This philosophy has no borders because it was born to fulfill the dreams of those who try it. And dreams, like magic, have no limits.

Based on contrasts, but rescuing the traditional flavours of Andalusian cuisine, Dani García plays with textures, with oppositions of cold and hot flavours, leading to a Cocina con Tradición that manifests itself in creative, magical and delicate presentations. In short, avant garde dishes that are rooted in tradition and in which the technique is at the service of taste.

The tasting menu features creations made with unique ingredients and methods of cooking.

Reservations: Tel. +34 952 764 252
Open: Wednesday – Saturday 13.30 – 15.30 & 19.30 – 22.30.
Closed Sunday – Tuesday

El Largo Restaurant
El Largo Restaurant

El Largo is located in the Elviria Hills with the beautiful backdrop of Greenlife Golf in Marbella. The restaurant offers views of the golf course and a picturesque lake. During 2012, the restaurant was completely renovated and redecorated.

Paco Garcia, the director since the restaurant’s launch in 2000, is a passionate defender of local produce. José Aguilar, the Maitre d’, has built one of the most interesting and varied wine cellars on the coast with a special emphasis on Andalusian wines.

Head chef Juan José Carmona is commited to the defence of local products, the recovery of earth’s gastronomic roots and authenticity. He learnt to love cooking from a young age, due to his mother’s influence who was a hostelry professional. In this location, he and his family managed to boost his own business project – the Girol restaurant, which received a huge praise from critics and was even recommended by the Michelin Guide as BID gourmand.

He started his formation at the age of 17 at the old Tragabuche restaurant in Ronda with two Michelin Star chef Dani García. He left there to go to the mythical Mugariz to continue his formation. All of El Lago’s kitchen staff work intensively together with director Paco García and local producers to continue evolving and boosting Málaga and Andalucía cuisine to the very top.

An evening at this special location is not to be missed.

Reservations: Tel. +34 952 832 371
Open: Tuesday – Sunday 20.00 – 23.30 (Monday – Sunday in July and August).

Messina Restaurant
Messina Restaurant

Messina Restaurant is located on the main road in central Marbella next to the Amare Hotel. It opened its doors in 2003 as a life project for its owners Pía Ninci and Mauricio Giovanini who run the restaurant with passion. It currently has the recognition of the specialised critic and their customers who come from all over the world to dine at Messina. After receiving many other important prizes, they were given their first Michelin Star in 2016 and it was renewed in 2017 and 2018.

Born in Córdoba, Argentina, Mauricio Giovanini is one of Marbella’s most talented chefs. He believes that true flavour lies within the liquid components of vegetables. He extracts this and serves it as concentrates, meringues, crémes and more.

Pia Ninci, the Maitre d’ and Mauricio’s wife, has a profound knowledge of gastronomy and has a true passion for creating an unforgettable dining experience for their guests.

The menu changes seasonally, using mainly fish and crustaceans from the Mediterranean Sea and local products from Andalusia. Mauricio displays great technique in simple and elegant presentations.

Reservations: Tel. +34 952 864 895
Open: Monday – Saturday 20.00 – 23.00.

Skina Restaurant
Skina Restaurant

Skina Restaurant is located in a historic street in Marbella’s old town. It is a small and intimate restaurant that welcomes its guests.

Marcos Granda transfers his passion to create a complete experience throughout the product and local raw material. From the sea to the Málaga mountains, passing through the narrow and historic streets of the well known quarter of Marbella imbued with the history and customs of Andalusia.

They developed the product itself – truffles, seafood, homemade bread and sweets. These products accompany each recipe with a small glass of wine, chosen from the 700 references on the menu – a menu admired by winemakers around the world. It is perfect for the three main creativity characteristics – tradition, vanguard and flavour.

The seasonally selected produce is of fundamental importance, choosing the very best products from the “Marbella market” every morning. The Skina winery recognizes the small producers of the best viticultural areas in the world.  They offer a wine list with old vintages and mythical wines. Moreover, they ensure that these are in optimal condition at their time of consumption

They travel all over Spain searching for producers that will become part of their family, offering customers the best experience. The menu is constantly changing to achieve the appearance of new products.

Skina offers a unique experience, enhanced by the world’s flavours.

Reservations: Tel. +34 952 765 277
Open: Tuesday – Sunday 13.30 – 15.30 & 19.00 – 23.00.
Closed: Mondays

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