Maria Bravo announces 2nd Madrid Global Gift Gala 2017

The Global Gift Foundation presented details of its 2nd Global Gift Gala in the Spanish capital, which will take place this year in Madrid’s emblematic Teatro Real.

The press conference was attended by Father Angel (founder of Messengers of Peace – a beneficiary of the event), Angela Navarro (founder of the NGO that bears her name), Ramón Freixa (Global Gift Humanitarian Award recipient and two Michelin Star Chef) who will be creating some of his culinary wonders on the evening, flamenco dancer Rafael Amargo, actress and presenter Belinda Washington (Global Gift International MARCOM Director) and Hazel Gormley-Leahy, who led the presentation.

The gala’s host Maria Bravo apologized for her absence by recorded video, saying she was “grateful and happy to have another year with the unconditional support of celebrities, artists and sponsors to achieve change in Spain and in the World”.

She then presented actress, director and activist Eva Longoria Bastón, the Honorary Chair of the 2nd edition of the Global Gift Gala, which this year will be presented by the comedic duo Los Morancos de Triana (known as Los Morancos). Artists such Taboo (from the Black-Eyed Peas), Adrián Martín Vega, Belinda Washington, José Mercé, Salvador Beltrán and Rafael Amargo will perform, plus other stars still to be confirmed.

As usual, the Global Gift Gala will focus on the empowerment of women with special guests, Chenoa, Belinda Washington, Isabel Gemio, Fabiola Osborne and British singer Sinitta also attending.

Maria Bravo announced the Global Gift Awards for those who have achieved a change in the lives of others through their personal and professional involvement:

The Global Gift platform will this year reward footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, a charismatic and unique sportsman, for his exemplary philanthropic work. He is a Save the Children Ambassador and philanthropist for a number of causes in which he has saved the lives of children completely anonymously. He will be honoured for this lesser known activity with one of the foundation’s most significant awards, the Global Gift Philanthropist Award.

Angela Navarro will be presented with the Global Gift Humanitarian Award for her philanthropic work through the foundation that has borne her name since 2002. The foundation focuses on providing image consultations and integral aesthetic treatments for women undergoing chemotherapy. She gives cancer sufferers the opportunity to have a normal appearance: “Suddenly, the best job of our life was not to beautify perfect models, but allow normal and ordinary people to achieve something as simple – and as complicated – as looking at themselves in a mirror and seeing what they were like before the cancer affected them”.

The Global Gift Gala will also honour the philanthropic work of the Teatro Real Foundation with the Our Heroes Award, highlighting the solidarity of people and institutions that work to bring about a change in their community.

Since 2014, the Teatro Real Foundation has carried out a social program especially linked to children, introducing music and musical performances to children and youths who are in unfavorable situations, whether physical, mental or social. “We have chosen this year as a wonderful stage as the Royal Theatre, which is also immersed in the celebrations of its Bicentennial, and we want to reward its Social Class “initiative included in its social program, whose purpose is to motivate and develop the capacities of the children through the collective practice of music, as well as arousing the curiosity and perception of the artistic world, with more than one hundred children participating in an orchestral group and a choir, “explained Hazel Gormley-Leahy, Head of Marketing of Global Gift Foundation.

Mensajeros de la Paz & Global Gift, Foundation are the main beneficiaries however The Global Gift Foundation will also donate large part of the funds to the Eva Longoria Foundation, Angela Navarro & the Teatro Real Foundation.

Messengers of Peace was founded by Father Angel in 1962. They create functional homes for children and young people that don´t have a family environment or are in a situation of abandonment. The association also carries out activities in other unprotected social sectors: female victims of domestic violence, the physically and mentally handicapped, the elderly living in solitude, neglect or poverty. Faced with the social and demographic reality of Spain and other countries, where the population is growing older, the social needs of pensioners are clear – they suffer from loneliness, abandonment, social exclusion and scarce resources. Messengers of Peace aspires that, through solidarity and the efforts of all, the necessary changes are made for authentic social progress. They give special attention to children and women, promoting individual development and collective empowerment, generating dignified and self-sustaining living conditions for all.

The Global Gift Foundation

The Global Gift Foundation was created in 2013 by philanthropist Maria Bravo. The foundation provides shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care for children and women in need anywhere in the world. The foundation also addresses people at risk of social exclusion regardless of race, religion, sex and age, as well as funding study programs to find solutions of rare or chronic diseases. Casa Global Gift is the first multi-functional centre for children with “rare” or chronic diseases that the foundation is implanting in Marbella.

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