Interview with Marbella Now’s Nicole King

“Marbella Now” is an English speaking TV show on RTV Marbella every Thursday evening from 19.30 – 20.30. The show is presented by Nicole King and includes local news, interviews and details of what’s going on in Marbella from´s Roz James.

The show also includes outside broadcasts from a number of Marbella events presented by Cameron Graham and Zaina B amongst others.

With so much going on in Marbella, the OBs will undoubtedly increase during the summer months. Nicole King also hosts the English speaking radio programme “Mi Marbella” on 107.6 FM Monday to Friday from 3.30 – 5.30 pm.

All these programmes are produced by RTV Marbella in collaboration with the Ayuntamiento de Marbella and aimed at Marbella´s English speaking community.

We asked Nicole King – Why did you decide to start the programme?

“I first came to Marbella on holiday with my family in 1965. In 1980, I moved to Marbella from England and then moved on to Madrid in 1989. I returned to Marbella in 2012. I experienced the power of the media whilst working with Maurice Boland on iTalkFM and that’s where I got the idea for an English language programme that would help the Town Hall get their message across to the international community. In return, the international community  would then have a voice.”

“I wanted to encourage the people living here to get more involved with people from different nationalities. My goal was to unite Marbella and all Marbellis so that we could appreciate and understand our differences. It took a year and a lot of hard work meeting with everyone involved at the Town Hall and then at RTV Marbella. Although it was my idea, I thought Maurice would head this up and I would do a half hour local news summary to share Town Hall information. But, I then found myself fronting up the whole thing!”

Why did you decide to call the radio show “Mi Marbella” and the TV show “Marbella Now”?

“The Spanish version of the TV show is called “Ahora Marbella” presented by Roberto Caballero. Ahora is of course Now in Spanish, so it made sense to call the show “Marbella Now”. As for the radio show, when I was a child I always referred to Marbella as “Mi Marbella”. It meant something to me. A place to feel at home, to love and enjoy. But over the years, it had changed and become segregated into different international groups.  So, I wanted to bring back the feeling to everyone of ‘Mi Marbella’ which is tapas, San Juan, meeting on the beach, enjoying and experiencing all the different people who live here and holiday here. And really getting involved with each other.”

How long have you been doing the shows?

“The first radio show was broadcast on June 4th 2014 and the first TV show went out in October 2014. We have just done our 21st TV show.”

What have you learnt from this experience?

“Well. I definitely have a radio face☺!”

“Actually, I have learnt that I can do things I never thought I could do. I didn´t even know what an escaleta (Schedule for a TV show) was, but now I do. I was very confused to start with. I never thought I would have to put together a TV programme from start to finish – directing, producing, timing, finding all the guests, etc but thanks to the guidance of everyone at RTV we’re doing it. But I took on the challenge and I have now realized I quite like this.” “I am a great believer in “anything is possible” and this was certainly put to the test. But, I am pleased to say, it’s very true. To take an idea from your head, have it accepted and then see it become reality is quite something. But of course you need the right people and the right team. I am so lucky that the people behind the scenes at RTV Marbella (both TV and radio) are wonderful and very patient. Remember, they are all professionals and they were not dealing with seasoned TV and radio people. They have helped no end. The team of co-presenters and guest presenters on the TV and the radio are amazing. We have great fun and produce great shows. Our listeners and watchers are increasing all the time.”

What are your plans for the show going forward?

“At the moment, we are a 100% networking media hub between the Town Hall and the people of Marbella. So, we are relying on people understanding that the Town Hall is reaching out to them and asking them to respond by being supportive. Watch the program! Listen to the radio show! And join in with all that Marbella has to offer! My final comment would be for everyone to realize we are NOT in competition with each other. That’s my goal! We all just need to help each other, even if we are doing the same thing. We all have something special to offer and we can all benefit from talking to each other.”

We thank Nicole for the interview and wish her success!


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