Marbella Weather

[Marbella is famous for its privileged climate. The annual average temperature is 18.5C, with 320 days of sunshine each year. Its geographical situation, with the Sierra Blanca and the Concha to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south makes it one of the best places in Europe to live or visit.

The mountains effectively shelter the town from the northern winds, enabling Marbella to enjoy a unique microclimate – one of its greatest tourist attractions.


Spring is a lovely season to visit Marbella. You will enjoy comfortable temperatures as well as little rainfall.


During the height of summer you can expect to enjoy 12 to 14 hours of glorious sun every day. The average sea temperature is beautifully warm for swimming.


The sun is still shining in September seeing an average of 10 hours daily. Through October and November the reduction in sun hours is slow and the amount of sunshine is plentiful compared to northern Europe. Still perfect for swimming during September and October the sea starts to become chilly from November.


The weather here will still be much better than in most of the UK and  Northern Europe.  From November through February is when the most rain falls, however, rainfall is fairly minimal even during this time. Rainfall is insignificant for the rest of the year, with many months often seeing no rain at all. Cooling winds blow from the east.

Puerto Banús marina in Marbella