Public Holidays

Easter Week in Marbella
Easter Week in Marbella

Public holidays celebrated in Spain are a mixture of religious, national and regional holidays. Each municipality is allowed a maximum of 14 public holidays per year. Nine of these are chosen by the national government and at least two of them are chosen locally.

There are 19 autonomous regions in Spain, each with its own capital. Andalucia is the largest of these regions and its capital is Sevilla. Each region has a number of provinces. In Andalucia, there are eight provinces and Marbella is in the Málaga province. Many of the cities and towns in Spain hold fiestas each year and there is usually a local public holiday to celebrate the event. In Marbella, June 11 is a public holiday. San Pedro, which is an area of Marbella, has its own holiday on October 19th.

The main public holidays in Spain are New Year´s Day, Three Kings (Epiphany), Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Labour Day, St. John´s Day, St Peter & St Paul´s Day, St James Day, Assumption Day, Columbus Day, All Saints Day, Constitution Day, Immaculate Conception Day and of course Christmas Day. Shops are normally closed on these days.

Holiday Type 2018 2019
Año Nuevo – New Year’s Day National 1 January 1 January
Día de Reyes – Three Kings (Epiphany) National 6 January 6 January
Día de Andalucia – Andalucia Day Regional 28 February 28 February
Domingo de Ramos – Palm Sunday National 25 March 14 April
Jueves Santo – Maundy Thursday Regional 29 March 18 April
Viernes Santo – Good Friday National 30 March 19 April
Domingo de Resurección – Easter Sunday National 1 April 21 April
Día del Trabajo – Labour Day National 1 May 1 May
San Bernabé – Marbella Saint’s Day Local 11 June 11 June
San Juan – St John’s Day National 24 June 24 June
San Pedro y San Pablo – St Peter & St Paul National 29 June 29 June
Santiago – St James National 25 July 25 July
Ascunción – Assumption Day National 15 August 15 August
Día de Hispanidad – Columbus Day National 12 October 12 October
San Pedro de Alcántara Day – San Pedro Saint’s Day Local 19 October 19 October
Todos los Santos – All Saints Day National 1 November 1 November
Día de la Constitución – Constitution Day National 6 December 6 December
Inmaculada Concepción – Immaculate Conception National 8 December 8 December
Día de Navidad – Christmas Day National 25 December 25 December

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