Marbella History

The Town Hall in Marbella’s old town

Everyone knows something about Marbella as it is today, but what do you know about its history? 

What was it like in Roman times? When did the Moors arrive in Marbella? How did it become one of the most popular European holiday destinations? We seek to answer these questions and more in this brief history of Marbella. We have initially divided Marbella´s history into two sections – Marbella’s Early History and Marbella in the 20th Century.

We would appreciate contributions from any members of our readership who know more about Marbella’s history than we do. So, if you have specialist knowledge or you know someone who does, please contact us today.

Marbella’s Early History

A brief history of Marbella up to the year 1900.

Marbella in the 20th century

A brief history of Marbella from 1900 – 2000.