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Champagne - day or night in Marbella
Champagne – day or night in Marbella!

On this page, we look at some interesting things relating to food and drink.

To help you when ordering food in a Spanish restaurant, tapas bar or café, we have provided translations for some of the most important types of food. There are details of some of the more popular types of coffee and their Spanish names to help you order your perfect cup and there is a brief history of Spanish coffee.

There are of course plenty of bars in Marbella that specialize in cocktails or offer cocktails as an alternative to the usual selection of drinks. Its great fun to try all the different ones on offer. But, many of us enjoy making cocktails at home – especially when entertaining. We have provided details here of how to make some of the more popular cocktails to enjoy with friends on a hot Marbella night.

Have fun!

How to read a Spanish menu

How to read a Spanish menu

Visiting Spain? You may find this helpful when eating out.

Spanish restaurants and tapas bars can be an absolute delight. Some of the best restaurants in Europe can be found in Spain and they are usually in the major cities or in tourist areas. Unfortunately, many of us are not fluent in Spanish. So, when we encounter a restaurant with a Spanish menu, it is sometimes difficult to know what is on offer.


History of Spanish Coffee

History of Spanish coffee

Coffee was originally brought to Spain by Turkish immigrants during the 17th century. Huge coffee plantations were later created in Central and South America by the descendants of Spanish conquistadors.


Spain’s coffee culture

Drinking coffee has become a way of life in Spain. Spanish people will typically have a coffee first thing in the morning with their breakfast to get them started for the day. Then, at around 11.00 am, they will stop for a “merienda” (a short break) and have another coffee with a light snack – perhaps a pitufo or a bocadillo.


Popular cocktails

A cocktail is an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or spirits (typically vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or brandy) mixed with other ingredients such as vermouth or a fruit juice. However, these days almost any mixed drink can be referred to as a cocktail. Here are a few popular cocktails with details of how to make them: