Marbella International Film Festival

It was another fantastic year for the Marbella International Film Festival which was once again held at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel in Nueva Andalucia with screenings at the Cine Teatro Goya in Puerto Banús.

Award Winners 2016

This year’s winners received their awards at a Gala Dinner at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel on Sunday October 2.

Winner of The Best Shorter Short:

“The Apartment” from Israel, Director Yotam Wax

Winner of The Best Short Film:

“Michaela” from Germany, Director Sascha Reimold

Winner of The Best Documentary:

“Capturar (The Sofa’s Girlfriend)” from Spain, Director Fernando Merinero

Winner of The Best Actress:

Hattie Gotobed for “Daisy” from the UK, Director Nancy Paton

Winner of The Best Actor:

Craig Fairbrass for “London Heist” from the UK, Director Mark McQueen

Winner of The Best Director:

Julia Vargas for “Sealed Cargo” from Bolivia

Winner of The Best Feature Film:

“Golden Years” from the UK, Director John Miller

This British comedy, with an amazing cast which includes Simon Callow, Bernard Hill, Virginia McKenna and Phil Davis deals with the pension crisis and a refusal to accept the injustice of old age. Normally law abiding retirees Arthur and Martha Goode enter into a life of crime, deciding to fight back by robbing banks. A refreshing and very funny comedy.

Press Conference 2016 were at Teatro Goya in Puerto Banús on 22 September for the press conference introducing this year’s Marbella International Film Festival XI.

In attendance were Mac Chakaveh (MIFF director), Miguel Luna (Marbella’s Minister of Tourism), Jose Jaime Lopez (Teatro Goya) and Lucía Pérez Suárez (H10 Hotel Andalucía Plaza) – all of whom expressed their on-going support for the festival.

Mac Chakaveh welcomed members of the press and told us about the festival’s progress and its encouraging future with the support of its sponsors, volunteers and festival associates. This year, more than a thousand films were submitted to the festival from all over the world.

There will be two red carpet events and 40 screenings of independent films, including productions from Spain, the UK, the USA and China. The festival will also welcome delegations from Iran, Hong Kong, South America, Belgium, the UK, the USA and Spain.

Miguel Luna said he was delighted with the success of festival over the years. There is now a Marbella Film Office and it has lead to an increase in film production activities in Marbella. He also offered the continued support of the Ayuntamiento (government) for this cultural event.

Finally, we were shown a trailer featuring some of the films at this year’s festival.







Opening Night 2015

The long awaited opening night of the 10th Marbella International Film Festival took place on the roof terrace at Cine Teatro Goya in Puerto Banús on Wednesday 7 October 2015. was of course there to meet the guests and bring you some of the best images.

With splendid views of Marbella and the Mediterranean, the guests were made welcome with ice cold Cava and delicious canapés and Jo-Anne van Tuijl (the festival’s co-ordinator) and Mac Chakaveh (the festival’s director) and his fiancée Laura introduced us to fellow guests. Nicole King from RTV Marbella’s “Marbella Now” show, James Gomez, Steve Cline and Tim Knight were among the more familiar faces.

Victor Pérez (director of the short film “Another love” which was being shown later in the evening) told us all about his upbringing in Cordoba and his acting career which began with Antonio Banderas’s film “Summer rain”. We then met Elena T DeVivo (executive producer) and Bobby B Grubic (director) whose short film “The Parting Shot” was also being shown later that evening.

So, after meeting the guests and discussing this year’s films with them, we all headed for the cinemas downstairs where we had to choose to see the feature film “Far too far” or a series of short films. We chose the short films which included “Antivirus” from Russia, “Party for two” from Spain, “Another love” from the UK, “The parting shot” from the USA, “Lost in escapade” from Georgia and “A Beat in the Forest” an animation from Israel.

All in all, an interesting evening with fascinating people!!!

MIFF Opening Night 022

MIFF Opening Night 037

MIFF Opening Night 031

MIFF Opening Night 010

Bobby Grubic & Elena de Vivo - MIFF Opening Night

Victor Perez - MIFF Opening Night

Tim Knight & Steve Cline - MIFF Opening Night

MIFF Opening Night 063

Press Conference 2015

A Press Conference for the Marbella International Film Festival 2015 was held today at the Teatro Goya in Puerto Banús, Marbella. was of course there to bring you the news and images.

Festival director Mac Chakaveh told us the festival is dedicated to independent film makers around the world and currently attracts around 1,000 films from over 50 countries. This is the tenth year it has been held in Marbella and the festival’s reputation is growing.

He spoke about the trust’s objective – to provide start up capital for independent art projects, offering hands on support in all commercial aspects. The support system includes assistance in marketing, project and financial management, business angles, agents and distribution networking and trying to overcome any other obstacles which potentially hinder an artist’s ability to be creative.

He explained how the festival was good for Marbella, creating cultural tourism. It is held in October each year bringing people to Marbella, many of whom have never been here before, out of season. The festival also provides a superb opportunity for new talent to meet international film makers.

This type of festival could not be held without the support of the Ayuntamiento de Marbella and they are totally supportive. Miguel Luna (Head of Tourism) was there to confirm that support.

This year’s screening venue is the Cine Teatro Goya in Puerto Banús and the H10 Andalucia Plaza will once again be hosting the daily networking events, workshops, seminars and the Gala Dinner Awards Ceremony on Sunday 11 October.

Click HERE for full screening details of features, animations, documentaries, shorts and a list of speakers.

Marbella International Film Festival 019

Marbella International Film Festival 013

Marbella International Film Festival 010

Marbella International Film Festival 027

Marbella International Film Festival 035

Marbella International Film Festival 053

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