Marbella Fishing Port

Once upon a time (long before the advent of Price Hohenlohe and Europe’s ruling elite transformed Marbella into an international tourist destination) our cosmopolitan city was a small fishing and farming village with only 900 inhabitants.

One of the few remaining reminders of that uncomplicated time is Marbella’s old fishing port – the Puerto de la Bajadilla.

Fishing is an established tradition on the Andalucian coasts. Fish and other seafood have long figured prominently in the local gastronomic culture – favourites amongst both locals and visitors being the fried fish (pescaito frito), and prawn (langostino) dishes.

The Andalucian fishing fleet is Spain’s second largest, after Galicia, and Andalucia has more fishing ports (38) than any other Spanish autonomous community.

Fishing Port 2

The four ports of Marbella are primarily recreational; although both Puerto Banús and the Puerto de la Bajadilla are permitted to dock cruise ships, neither operates regular service to other ports. The Puerto de la Bajadilla is also home to the fishermen’s guild of Marbella and is used for the transport of goods.

Fishing Port 1

We may not have long to enjoy the old port…as everyone must know by now the Qatari Sheik Al Thani proposes to invest 400 million euros in turning the port into an ambitious, extremely luxurious marina, complete with a 200 metre quay for cruise liners, exclusive pier for 26 boats, 5 star hotel, bars, restaurants, shops etc. What we still don´t know is whether it will ever actually happen !

Fishing Port 3

So, just in case it does, make sure to visit this unpretentious jewel in Marbella´s crown before it disappears.

Post and images by photographer Derek Evans

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