Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony

The Marbella Feria opening ceremony took place this year on Tuesday 5 June on the terraces of the Puerto Deportivo and was followed by the usual firework display. were of course there to bring you images of this amazing event and all the news.

Opening Ceremony 2018

The event was once again hosted by RTV Marbella’s Roberto Caballero and attended by Marbella’s mayor Angeles Muñoz.

It opened with a short dance performance by the Loli Ropero Dance Academy followed by the proclamation, which this year was given by journalist Concha Montes.

This year’s Reina Infantil (7 – 11 years old) is Lucía Gil Gómez and her Damas Infantiles are María Gallardo Sánchez, Natalia Andrades Prieto, Erika Sánchez Macias and Paula Mesa López.

This year’s Miss Simpatía (12 – 14 years old) is Sara Criado Sánchez and her Dames Miss Simpatía are Tabata Ropero García and Stella Bytsyura.

This year’s Reina Juvenil (15 – 25 years old) is Laura Hernández Tejero and her Damas Juveniles are Karen Cuenca Velasco, Mercedes Calderón Carrillo, Amina Kamira Boukhalfa Sánchez and Paula Vázquez Alba.

And this year’s Reina Popular is Paquita Jesus.

This was as always followed by fireworks to officially open the feria.

Angeles Muñoz and Concha Montes
Angeles Muñoz and Concha Montes
Roberto Caballero and Concha Montes
Roberto Caballero and Concha Montes
Reina Infantil Lucía Gil Gómez and her Damas
Reina Infantil Lucía Gil Gómez and her Damas
Concha Montes
Concha Montes
Las Damas Miss Simpatía
Las Damas Miss Simpatía
Angeles Muñoz and Reina Popular Paquita Jesus
Angeles Muñoz and Reina Popular Paquita Jesus

Opening Ceremony 2017

The event was hosted by RTV Marbella’s Roberto Caballero and attended by Marbella’s mayor José Bernal, the National Police Commissioner, the head of the local police, councilors and representatives of the Guardia Civil.

It opened with a short dance performance followed by the proclamation, which this year was given by National Basketball coach Sergio Scariolo. He emphasized his pride living in the city, which he described as multicultural and integrating in character. “I have seen many places in the world and my family and I came to the conclusion that the smells, tastes, colours, climate and the people of this town are unique in the world” he explained.

In a speech filled with sport and pride, he concluded with ‘Vamos Marbella’.

National Basketball coach Sergio Scariolo gives the proclamation
National Basketball coach Sergio Scariolo gives the proclamation
Marbella's Mayor presents commemorative plaque to Sergio Scariolo
Marbella’s Mayor presents commemorative plaque to Sergio Scariolo

At the end of his speech, mayor José Bernal congratulated Sergio and gave him a plaque in remembrance of this special occasion.

Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony 2017

After this, we were given the results of the coronation of the queens, young ladies, children and this year’s Miss Congeniality. The contestants having waited since their election in April for this news to be made public.

Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony 2017

It was then time to choose the Reina Popular, which this year was given to flamenco dancer Solera de Jerez. This is a firmly kept secret and always a surprise to the winner.

Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony 2017

This year’s results:

The Queen Infantil (7 – 11 years) is Carmen Haro Martín and her ladies are Sara Criado Sánchez, María del Carmen Vázquez Vega, Gisela Valderrama Cervera and Estela Gil Konadu. 

Miss Congeniality (12 -14 years) is Shakira El Ouazzani Salcedo and her ladies are Saray Heredia Fernández and Miryam Alcalá Ortiz.

The Young Queen (15 – 25 years) is Andrea Carrasco Manzano and her ladies are Yashira Sánchez Domínguez, Carmen Gómez Gómez, María José Pecino López and Mirian García Piña.

Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony 2017

Marbella Feria Opening Ceremony 2017

The dancing was amazing and a great start to what will undoubtedly be a wonderful feria week.

Finally, the Mayor turned on the lights at the La Cañada Feria area and proclaimed “Viva La Feria, Viva San Bernabé, Viva Marbella’.

The crowd’s applause was drowned out by the start of the the fireworks, heralding the official start of Marbella’s Feria.

Opening Ceremony 2016

Everyone in Marbella has really been looking forward to this year’s feria because, after a few years away, the daytime events have returned to the centre of town. Early on Monday evening, José Bernal Gutiérrez, the mayor of Marbella, joined other councillors at the feria ground next to the La Cañada shopping centre to officially open the feria by cutting the ribbon. were as usual at the main event taking place on the terraces of the Puerto Deportivo in the centre of town where a specially erected stage and hundreds of seats had been arranged for an enthusiatic audience.

The mayor arrived just after 22.00 and the RTV Marbella presenter Roberto Caballero took to the stage to welcome everyone and introduce the girls from the Maribel Urbano dance academy – all dressed in bright pink feria dresses.

Marbella Feria Opening (20)

Roberto Caballero then introduced Rafael de la Fuente, a former director of Los Monteros and prominent supporter of tourism, who first came to Marbella in 1964. His speech included comments from Marbella’s pioneer days right up to the present day.

He thanked Marbella’s patron Saint San Bernabé for so many things, including giving all his wealth to the poor and his love of books. He told us Marbella is young and old at the same time. And we have no limits or boundaries. It is a city where many cultures and beliefs live side by side in peace through respect. This is what makes Marbella unique. He ended his speech to raptuous applause with “Viva San Bernabé! Viva Marbella! Viva Andalucía! and Viva España!”.

The Mayor then presented him with a plaque to commemorate the opening of the feria.

Marbella Feria Opening (58)

Marbella Feria Opening (68)

Roberto Caballero then introduced the Reinas and Damas Juveniles (Queens and Ladies) and Miss Simpatia. This is really important for all those chosen back in April. They were escorted onto the stage by young men and presented with a sash and flowers by the mayor. The queens were also given crowns.

Marbella Feria Opening (121)

Marbella Feria Opening (170)

Marbella Feria Opening (141)

Then came the election of the Reina Popular. Victoria Figueredo was clearly very surprised as she stepped up to the stage to receive her sash and crown.

Marbella Feria Opening (196)

Marbella Feria Opening (206)

The Mayor then wished everyone a happy and joyous feria and ended with “‘Viva Marbella!, Viva Feria!

The fireworks began on cue and they seemed even louder than they usually were!

We are sure everyone will enjoy this year’s feria – fun, music, beautiful dresses, dancing and a great atmosphere!

We certainly will!!!

Opening Ceremony 2015

On Monday 8 June, we all headed for the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo to see the opening ceremony for this year’s feria celebrating San Bernabé, Marbella’s patron saint.

The stage and the seating were set up earlier in the day ready for one of the biggest shows of the year. And, as the sun started to go down, the crowds and this year’s participants started arriving to take their places.



When the lights went up, RTV Marbella’s presenter Roberto Caballero took the stage to introduce the first act of the evening Davinia Escalona. She delighted the crowds with her love of flamenco which transmitted to all through her amazing voice. Next on the bill was Grupo Arenal. They were accompanied by dancers in full feria dress. Their Marbella song certainly had the audience on their feet.







Marbella’s Michelin Star chef Dani Garcia then gave the formal Feria address.

He talked about his love of Marbella. And, being born here, he called it “My Marbella, our Marbella”. And, naturally enough, he talked about his love of food and the city that has inspired him. There are three récipes which come from all sides of Marbella:

The starter would be “The cold soup of salt water from the Mediterranean Sea”. The main course is “the rockfish of Elviria”. And finally a delicious “sweet and emblematic dessert where the moon bathes in the baths of Guadalmina”. He then winked at the audience to tell them you will never find these récipes. They are in my heart.

Marbella’s Mayor Ángeles Muñoz thanked him for his speech and presented him with a momento of the occasion.





Then, it was time to welcome onto the stage the Reina Damas and Reina Damas Infantiles, the children and young Queens and ladies along with the Queen of the People to receive sashes and flowers from the Mayor Ángeles Muñoz.





Ángeles Muñoz then pulled the switch to officially turn on the lights at the fairground.

It was then time for the traditional firework display to music, as usual lighting up the night sky above Marbella. It was truly a wonderful show and a great start to the Feria. If you missed it, here are a few images for you to enjoy.

Happy Feria everyone!!!





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Election of the Feria Queen & Dames 2016

On Friday 29 April, the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella were packed with people who were there to see who was going to be chosen as the Marbella Feria Reina (Queen) and her Damas (Ladies) for 2016.

The event was attended by José Bernal (the mayor of Marbella), Manuel Garcia (the Councillor for Fiestas) and other members of the government team. The show was compared by RTV Marbella’s presenter Roberto Caballero.

A special stage and sound system had been prepared for the event with a”‘Eurovision” theme and the Mayor started proceedings by unveiling the winning poster by Manuel Jesús Torrejón Pérez.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 001

Elección San Bernabé Reina 027

The three different age groups were then introduced, all wearing black dresses. The youngest group all had amazing face paint decorations which must have taken someone quite a long time to put on.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 082

Elección San Bernabé Reina 143

We then witnessed a magnificent music and dance spectacular. One group looked amazing in their mini dresses with their colourful guitars dancing to Abba’s classic Eurovisión winner from 1974 “Waterloo”.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 173

This was followed by two more dance groups which were extremely energetic and well rehearsed. The first group were mainly girls with one lone boy. They ended with the boy pointing to the girls who all dropped to the floor. It was fabulous.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 224

We then had a parade of the contestants for the Marbella Feria Reina and Damas in full feria dress, followed by another Street dance group.

Elección San Bernabé Reina 312

Elección San Bernabé Reina 340

The Mayor then drew the names for the younger age groups and the winners were as follows:

Reina y Damas Infantiles

Reina: Lucía Martín Rodriguez
Damas: Marina Elizabet Morales Jumbo, Isabel María Peralta Cuadro, Eva Grabiela Ballesteros Durango & Ddoha El Bouchti Ghanim

Miss Simpatía y Damas

Miss Simpatía: Rocío Ferrer Cervera
Damas: Lucía Molina Sánchez & Lucía Lago Ocaña

Reina y Damas Juveniles

Reina: Sara Moreno Serrano
Damas: Alejandra Navas Mota, Sofía Patricia Alexandra Robben, Andrea Diaz Morón & Doaa Herrera Naji

Elección San Bernabé Reina 438

Elección San Bernabé Reina 448

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