Marbella Events

If you want to know what’s going on in Marbella, check out’s comprehensive events calendar. It includes details of live music venues, theatre, shows, concerts, art & culture, festivals and much, much more. Put it on your favourites bar now.

So, why is’s calendar better than the rest?


That’s simple! We are contacted by all of the major event promoters in the Marbella area and we update the website immediately, ensuring that we feature prominently on Google and other leading search engines. Information is provided in English and Spanish. We work closely with the Marbella’s Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) to make sure we receive all the information as soon as it is available.

Using MarbellaAzul’s Event Calendar

The calendar is PC, mobile and tablet friendly. So, whether you want to use it in the comfort of your home or office or on the go, we are there to keep you up to date.

Click here to go straight to the Events Calendar now / Haga clic aquí para ir directamente al calendario de eventos ahora

Viewing on your computer or tablet

The calendar defaults to a daily view, but you can also view events on a weekly or monthly basis. If you hover over an event on the calendar, it will provide a snapshot. Click again and you will be taken to the full post which will include full event programmes (where applicable), a map, ticket information and a summary.

Viewing on a mobile phone

Click on the three lines on the right hand side and you will get the navigation bar. Select Events Calendar and then click on the image.

This will take you to today’s events. You can then move to the next day or the previous day. Click on the snapshot to see full information about the event.

Event Categories.

Current event categorized are as follows:

Art & Culture – shows exhibitions, art, photography, cultural visits
Business Events – Any events offered by businesses such as networking, courses, talks
Charity Events – As you would expect dinners, shows, markets any event that is for charity
Children’s Events – specifically for our young ones
Concerts & Shows – In Marbella but also in the next towns as it is so easy to take a taxi or drive
Entertainment in Bars
Entertainment in Hotels
Entertainment in Restaurants – many offer this entertainment while enjoying dinner, but you may also want to enjoy music and a drink. The Hotels here in Marbella often offer great entertainment for non- residents.

Excursions, Exhibitions  & Fairs – travel offers, one off exhibitions and Fair, for example bridal expo’s, over 50’s etc.
Fashion – Fashion shows and new openings
Festivals & Ferias – All the festivals for visitors and residents to enjoy along with full programmes which we always translate for you.
Food & Drink

Health & Fitness
Markets & Street Entertainment – all self explanitory from food shows & markets to marathons and yoga to street dance or theatre

Theatre & Cinema – Shows, comedy, ballet, opera
Halloween &  Christmas Events  – venues to enjoy, parties, balls and fun for the whole family with full programmes.

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