Marbella 4Days Walking

Marbella 4Days Walking is an annual event which has become a firm favourite with Marbellis and visitors from right across Europe. Every year, the number of participants increases. Here, we provide details and images of recent events.

Marbella 4Days Walking is usually held in October – a month where the weather on the Costa del Sol is ideal for walking. There are a number of different routes to choose from over the four days, most of which are 20 or 30 kilometres in length. There is alsoi live entertainment on the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo and in the Avenida del Mar, just off of the Paseo Maritimo. The atmosphere in Marbella over the four days is amazing.

The event is not just for adults. There are also special routes for children between 4 and 12. Hans Wohl and Clarie Wohl-Morks, the organizers of the event, do a marvelous job. The organization has chosen two local charities – Cudeca and the Triple A animal rescue centre. They will both be present during the event to explain about their work and raise much needed funds. The Marbella Ayuntamiento (local government) are happy to help with road signs, security and medical assistance over these four days.

The final day (Sunday) is always very special. Marbella’s Paseo Maritimo becomes the “Via Gladiolo” for the day, with walkers finishing their walk at a special arch in front of the tourist office next to the Glorietta fountain. The Gladiolus flower was the Roman symbol of victory and everyone gathers mid afternoon to cheer the walkers as they complete their walk followed by a great party.

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Marbella 4Days Walking 2017

This year’s Marbella 4Days Walking was held between 12 – 15 October and we have no doubt everyone would agree that the weather was perfect for walking. Incredibly, over 2,000 took part this year. The atmosphere on the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo was wonderful with great live music for everyone to enjoy.

On the final day, the popular “Via Gladiolo” attracted large crowds of spectators welcoming the finishers with cheers and the occasional Mexican wave along the Paseo Maritimo as the participants held their Gladiolus above their heads!!!!!

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Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella was packed again this week with walkers from around the world arriving to take part in the 6th Marbella 4Days Walking – an event which originated in the Netherlands, where around 50,000 walkers take part in the Nijmegen Vierdaagse every year.

This year, the terraces of the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella came alive to the sound of a brass band playing an amazing selection of popular tunes. In addition, there was an evening fiesta in the Plaza de la Iglesia in Marbella’s old town offering a wide range of entertainment. was of course there to bring you all the news and images.

We were all a little worried about the weather on Wednesday when we had our first real rain for months. But, when the time came for the first day’s walk on Thursday, the inclement weather had moved away. 

The walk on the final day is called the “Via Gladiolo” and all the participants received a Gladiolus (the Roman symbol for victory) as the crossed the finishing line on the Paseo Maritimo next to the Marbella tourist office to the sound of a band of drummers. They were then applauded by hundreds of people in bars and restaurants as they made their way back to the Puerto Deportivo.

Once again, the event was a huge success, bring a fantastic atmosphere to the streets of Marbella. We thank you all for coming. We hope you had a great time. And we hope to see you all again in 2017.

Funds were raised for three Marbella charities – Aspandem, Debra and Triple A.

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Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2016

Marbella 4Days Walking 2015

Marbella 4Days Walking returns to Marbella this year with the opening event taking place on Wednesday 7 October.

This popular event brings together residents and visitors to the Costa del Sol for four days of fun and exercise. There will be a media campaign involving TV, radio, newspapers and social media to publicize the event. A huge international audience will see images of thousands of walkers enjoying Marbella. will of course be there to bring you the best images of the event.

This year will be the fifth anniversary of Marbella 4Days Walking. In 2014, about 2.000 walkers from 19 different countries participated – mainly Dutch, Irish, Spanish, Danish and British. Many of them visit Marbella specifically for this event with their friends and family.

Every day, there will be a different route of between 20 and 30 kilometers. Participants don’t have to walk every day. They can choose the days on which they wish to participate. On Saturday and Sunday, there are special 6 kilometer routes for children aged between 4 and 12 years. The younger walkers will start between 11.30 and 12.00 from the terraces of the Puerto Deportivo and return at about the same time as the older participants. They can then relax and enjoy the ambience of the plaza together.

These days are not only about walking. There is also a Marbella 4Days Fiesta. Every day, there will be live music between 12.00 and 17.00 on the terraces above the Puerto Deportivo – the same place as the start and finish of the walks. During the evenings, starting at 21.00, there will be dance shows and live music at the Plaza de la Iglesia in Marbella’s old town.

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