Maintaining a beautiful and pet-friendly garden in Marbella is delighted to bring you a fabulous article written by Jackie Edwards, giving great advice and tips, with useful information about your gardens here is Spain and how to enjoy and make them pet friendly.

Introduction to Jackie Edwards

Jackie has an amazing knowledge of garden maintenance and has always been a passionate advocate of gardening on a budget. ‘But I do understand that not everyone has the confidence to undertake projects themselves, while others believe it’s time consuming and expensive. That simply doesn’t have to be the case’ says Jackie. Here she inspires us all to discover how easy it is to make your gardens a safe haven for your pets and for you to enjoy to the full.

Maintaining A Beautiful And Pet-Friendly Garden In Marbella – Author Jackie Edwards

The climate in Spain makes for a wonderful quality of life, but sometimes it makes it challenging to maintain a thriving, verdant garden. When visitors and residents imagine a typical Spanish landscape, the thought of wide-reaching, green expanses is not the first thing that comes to mind. Still, while green, grassy gardens aren’t entirely characteristic to Spain, you can still manage to grow and maintain a beautiful garden in Marbella right at home.

With a little creativity, you can integrate some truly beautiful Spanish plants into your garden while making it a space for the whole family—and your pets—to enjoy. Since over 26% of Spanish households own either a cat or dog, you will probably want to make sure your garden incorporates pet-friendly features. Maintaining a stunning garden in Marbella will improve your Spanish lifestyle in numerous ways, leading to many hours spent outdoors with family and pets.

The wonders of artificial grass

When considering the landscape of your garden, you will likely wonder how to grow grass in the Spanish climate. Since the weather is warm and water is expensive, it may be best to purchase artificial grass for your garden. Fortunately, there are several types of pet-friendly artificial turf that are durable for pet play, easy to clean, and non-toxic. Not only does artificial grass prevent your pets from digging and hides the smell of pet waste, it also looks incredibly nice and is easy to maintain. Say hello to your new green garden by adding this convenient type of grass!

Installing garden lighting for added safety

For visitors, places like Marbella may seem to have extremely late dinners, but this late-night living is normal to our Spanish culture. If you want to enjoy your garden with your family and pets during dinner and late into the night, you will need to install garden lighting. Especially if you have a particularly colorful garden, filled with various plants, pathways, and decorations, you should make sure the garden is illuminated for enhanced safety. In Spain, garden lights are commonly used to light up feature plants, sculptures, water features, or to illuminate garden beds and flower displays. Solar lights are a great investment that’s also eco-friendly, making the garden safer for both you and your pets—and also for the environment.

Embracing plants unique to Spain

Once you enhance your garden with pet-friendly artificial grass and safe lighting, you should consider growing plants that are unique to Spain for added beauty. Flowers like toad lilies, Acidanthera, Lily-of-the-Valley, and Spanish wildflowers are all staples of Spanish gardens that will look great outside of your home. Depending on the set up of your garden, you can also lay the framework of a vegetable garden since the Spanish climate makes it easy to grow produce like bush beans and bell peppers. The only warning embracing these types of plants in your garden is that you will have to find a way to keep your pets out; otherwise, all of your hard work will be destroyed.

In order to enhance your Spanish garden for the benefit of your family, friends, and pets, you can add artificial grass, lighting, and characteristic plants to really make the space a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy.

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